Youth Development

Are you aged between eight and 24? Further your Aberdeen-Angus future.

Would you like to know how the top stockmen produce major show champions or how they clip to get the best winter coats on the Stirling sale bulls? Maybe you’re just interested in preparing your cattle better for local shows or markets or just need a hand in getting started.

Wherever you are aiming in cattle preparation the Aberdeen-Angus Youth Development Programme could be for you. Our workshops offer a chance to learn some of these skills from some of the top stockmen and women in the business. Not only is it educational but the workshops are also good fun with a chance to mix with like-minded people. You don’t have to be an Aberdeen-Angus breeder you just have to be ready for the challenge.

If you’re between 8-24 years old there is a workshop for you. Sign up today and start furthering your Aberdeen-Angus future. Access the registration form here.

To find out more and get involved please contact the Society on:                                                     

Tel: 01738 622477

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