YDP Final 2023 Report

YDP Final 2023 Report


The full complement of 36 young people from England, Ireland and Scotland arrived at the Hogs Back Hotel on the Friday evening, where YDP shirts, ties and fleeces were awarded to all for reaching the 2023 Final. They wore this kit while competing in their three age groups of juniors, intermediates and seniors, at the home of the
Rosemead Herd.

Our hosts, Angus Stovold and family, along with his herd manager, Tom Beadle and his team, pulled out all the stops and made us feel very welcome and catered for. Facilities were perfect and all 38 heifers were so quiet and well behaved. Even the weather was on our side, with sunshine all day. With the help of our stewards, Owen Tunney, Gemma Wark, Steph Dick, Nicola Howie and Niall Lynch, the competitors got stuck into the disciplines of the Saturday with great enthusiasm.

The enormity of the planning and preparation that goes into holding an event such as this could not be accomplished without the support of fellow breeders, families and stockman from all around. For this we are most appreciative. The reward: being able to observe the finalists on the day give their everything to compete at an extremely high level with absolute professionalism, decorum and sportsmanship. Some of the many skills learnt at the workshops held around the UK and Ireland through the spring and summer of 2023.

Our evening hosts Dennis and Simone Brenninkmeijer, could not have done more to make the young folk and guests feel at ease and comfortable, with amazing retro food vans including excellent pizza or burgers and chips, accompanied with amazing side salads. The alfresco dining under the warm October sky made the whole evening magical. We owe them a huge gratitude for welcoming our final competitors to their home and giving us a warm reception.

With the presentation of awards being spread among those gathered, the prizes of clippers, blowers, and £1,500 travel bursary went to Graeme Rhind, Finlay Hunter and Cameron Barclay. Naturally the Scottish representatives were very buoyant with their success. Very well done to them and all the prize winners for all their hard work and victories.

Baseball caps, trophies, glass awards, certificates for winners and for all who participated, meant that everyone went home with something to be proud of. We must thank Owen Tunney for generously sponsoring additional prizes in the form of showtime beef kits for the runners up in the intermediate and junior sections. It was the perfect ending to an amazing day.


YDP Final 2023 results

Juniors                                                                    Intermediates                                                                  Seniors

Dressing and grooming:
1st Cameron Barclay                                            1st Finlay Hunter                                                            1st Greame Rhind
2nd Fletcher Russell                                            2nd Cliodhna Smith                                                       2nd Sam Matchett
3rd Aine Heffernan                                              3rd Kirsty Clark                                                               3rd Ellie Westaway

1st Sam Ferguson                                                 1st Finlay Hunter                                                             1st Greame Rhind
2nd Cameron Barclay                                          2nd Eion Robinson                                                         2nd Donald Mclean
3rd Vinnie Lane                                                    3rd Ruby Simpson                                                           3rd Sam Matchett
3rd Megan Reynolds

Ring craft:
1st Aine Heffernan                                               1st Jack Heath                                                                  1st Donald Mclean
2nd Adam Kearney                                              2nd James Morrison                                                       2nd Cara Doggett
3rd Veronica Webster                                         3rd Cliodhna Smith                                                         3rd Lizzie Harding

Stock judging:
1st Adam Kearney                                                1st Ruby Simpson                                                            1st Ellie Westaway
2nd Fletcher Russell                                           2nd Kirsty Clark                                                               2nd Lottie Hill
3rd Sam Ferguson                                               3rd James Morrison                                                        3rd Sam Matchett


1st James Morrison                                                        1st John Smyth
2nd Ruby Simpson                                                         2nd Greame Rhind
3rd Isobel Walsh                                                             3rd Catherine Smyth


Overall junior:                                                      Intermediate:                                                                   Senior:
1st Cameron Barclay                                           1st Finlay Hunter                                                             1st Greame Rhind
2nd Adam Kearney                                             2nd James Morrison                                                       2nd Ellie Westaway
3rd Sam Ferguson                                               3rd Ruby Simpson                                                           3rd Donald Mclean

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