Cornwall Workshop Report

Cornwall Workshop Report


This week we speak to Annabel aged 10 as she tells us about her experience at the YDP workshop down in Cornwall. The Cornwall workshop was held on the 4th of August by kind permission of the Laity family – once again we would like to thank the Laity family for hosting the workshop and giving these keen youngsters the opportunity to learn at their farm! Hear below Annabel’s account from the workshop:

“I really enjoyed my day at the workshop, I learnt a lot of new things and had good fun while doing so. This was my first time at a YDP workshop, the trainers were great at teaching me what to do and were great at explaining why you do particular things. I found out why you shave certain parts of the cow, to diminish flawing features and emphasise the better ones. I now know to always keep one hand on the cow at all times to detect when it’s going to move. I discovered some different techniques to make their coats look full and in stock judging I learned the places you look at to check the best beef cow. I thoroghly enjoyed it and developed my confidence in handling cattle and I would love to do it again.”

We would like to thank Annabel for taking the time to give us her account at the Cornwall workshop. We are glad that she was able to learn new things and develop her confidence when handling cattle, we hope to see her back again next year!

Other images from the workshop are shown below:

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