North of Scotland Workshop

North of Scotland Workshop


Well I had been all excited about the amount of participants on the list for the North of Scotland workshop but things don’t always work out quite to plan but we still had a fabulous workshop none the less just on a slightly smaller scale. One young man had seen the YDP facebook page when in Australia and had literally flown home just a few days before attending – now that’s commitment.

We had kindly been invited back to the Glassel Herd by kind permission of Moir Lochead and Herd Manager Keith Anderson. It’s our second time at Glassel and the cattle are quiet and the facilities are great.

John Lohoar from Glenbervie Angus is usually at the forefront of organising the North of Scotland event and he had gathered together a team of trainers. Davie Johnstone from Ballindalloch Angus, Alex Davie from Perkhill Angus, Wendy Willox from Strathinver Angus and Steve Wright have all been involved with the YDP for a few years now but adding a bit of fresh blood to the team was George McFadzean to take the stock judging. George judged the stock judging at our 2012 final and turned out to be a very good trainer who was great with the young people.

15 participants joined us for the day and as with every workshop we split into group to do the various seminars. The seniors in attendance were given the opportunity to clip and dress their own and as always the assessors, Andrew Hughes & Bert Taylor, were on hand for some advice and feedback. Steve Wright took the clipping, Davie Johnstone did the halter changing & knot tying, Alex Davie did the washing and George did the stock judging – I couldn’t understand what was taking his group so long but they ended up judging two classes and both trainer & kids were enjoying every minute of it. Working in groups based on age it means the trainers can tailor the seminars to who is in their group and it also meant that Wendy went round with the very inexperienced one to give them an extra helping hand.

Dressing was next on the agenda and all the participants were told how to use each product and what type of coat it should be used on – working in pairs everyone turned out a beast for the show ring with the help of our trainers. When everything had been dressed it was time for the ring craft – Davie Johnstone told everyone what they should be looking to achieve in the show ring and it’s always pleasing when everyone is keen to have a go, for the not so experienced ones it’s usually the highlight of the day.

We finished off the workshop with a demo on the joints of meat – John Lohoar had brought a life size model of a bull and the youngsters had to label the joints of meat. For me the stock judging and things like this are really important to the day – how can you prepare and dress an animal for the ring if you don’t know what qualities need to be enhanced?

Another great workshop with the help of Glassel Farms Ltd, Keith Anderson, John Lohoar, Steve Wright, Wendy Willox, Alex Davie, Davie Johnstone and George MacFadzean.

A small bit of relaxing (yeah right with all the shows about at the moment!) before the next one at Melview on the 27th June. Don’t forget it’s never too late to sign up for all our exciting activities.




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