Aberdeen-Angus Next Generation Council

Aberdeen-Angus Next Generation Council


YDP finals

The newly named Aberdeen-Angus Next Generation Council (formally the YDP Youth Council) began early last year when following an advert on Facebook a group of new and aged out participants from YDP decided to work together to bring forward a Youth Council.

We recently gave the council a new name to help any confusion between this council and the YDP Committee which sits within the Aberdeen-Angus Society Council. Members of the Next Generation council are currently located throughout Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland with broad experiences of how YDP have helped their network in the industry and skills with cattle.

In an attempt to ensure that the Next Generation council was relevant for the youth we actively supported and attended YDP workshops throughout the country last summer. This started to give us some focus points that we could work on, for example developing and expanding participants in specific areas in the UK.

Since then, the recruitment of more local coordinators has begun, and we are currently looking for up to two coordinators in England as well as a local coordinator in Wales. If you are interested in these positions, please email [email protected]

We plan to be present at 2024 YDP workshops throughout the UK again this year. Whether council members are competing or just lending a hand – please keep an eye out for us and feel free to say hello.

In September last year the YDP Finals were kindly hosted at the Rosemead Herd in Surrey, this is where our first face to face meeting was held. One of the key decisions from this meeting was that going forward the YDP Finals would now be the Annual AGM for the Next Generation council. YDP members can get voted on to the council at the AGM also.

Since then, we have finalised the Next Generation Terms of Reference to make clearer guidelines on how long council members can be in officer posts, how members are voted on and the length of time members can be part of the council.

Excitingly our attention has recently moved to preparations for UK youth teams to compete for the World Angus Forum in Australia 2025. We have actively put forward suggestions and timelines to ensure that the UK is in a great position to do well in Australia 2025. Although final decisions will sit with a judging panel on who will make the Youth teams, it has been great to use the Next Generation Council to be a voice for the youth on this subject as we are all passionate the UK teams are in the best position to be successful in Australia.

If you, are going to be between 18-29 years or if you have a member of your family who would fall within the age band by 1st May 2025 then you should consider applying for the World Angus Forum Youth Teams. To find out more please visit the Aberdeen-Angus website www.aberdeen-angus.co.uk or contact Felicity Hunter on 07427 826912.

Some of the main areas we will be working on with local coordinators and the Society going forward are the Godfrey Neill award, YDP social media and become a pot of ideas for other events such as Senior Conferences and Junior events.

Would you like to join the Next Generation council? We will be opening up nomination before our next AGM which again will be hosted at the YDP Finals, you can nominate yourself or others and then members are voted on. If you have any questions please reach out to Gemma Wark, Chair of Next Generation Council on 07518296560 or Ellie Westaway, Vice-Chair on 07969786281.

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