Why Aberdeen-Angus?

Aberdeen-angus is the world’s finest beef breed with world recognition for its quality meat and easy cared for cattle. Find out more about the breed and the benefits of breeding aberdeen-angus cattle for commercial beef farmers.


The Breed

Aberdeen-Angus has built an iconic brand amongst discerning consumers looking for premium quality beef.  

Aberdeen-Angus cattle are famous for their easy to handle, docile nature.  Ease of calving and great maternal attributes minimises much of the stress associated with breeding cattle. Beef farming has its challenges and we are all seeking an easier life

As a Society, we are both the breed and brand champion and as such must continually raise our game.  Pioneers of the beef cattle industry, we lead by example. 


Breed Benefits

Aberdeen-Angus cattle have many benefits to the commercial beef farmer both commercially and in terms of lifestyle. Here are some of benefits of breeding Aberdeen-Angus cattle:

-  Aberdeen-Angus beef commands a premium price
-  The premium quality product is much loved by consumer and retailers
-  Strong consumer demand
-  The number one brand in the red meat sector

-  Great nature
-  Good strong growth rate
-  Unbeatable maternal attributes
-  Pleasure to breed
-  Good pelvic structure for ease of calving
-  Excellent conversion and fleshing ability
-  Polled


How to Convert

Want to increase your profitability and start breeding Aberdeen-Angus cattle? All you need to do is get in touch and here's a load of ways to do it:

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