YDP Final 2022 Report

YDP Final 2022 Report


Our Judges 

Ring Craft & Changing halters


Dressing & Grooming


In between the competitive elements were workshops including;

Know your cows

Fertility & Breeding

Halter Making

Carol Rettie

Andrew Hughes

Shane Murphy

Dallas Allan

Charlie McLaren

Gavin Tait, AB Europe

Dougie Macbeth

Our YDP Finalists have gone from strength-to-strength in 2022, even though they have been unable to compete for 2 years, it appears that they came to Westerton Farm, Cowie, Stirlingshire, this Final weekend, with more determination, skill and commitment to win!

On Friday 30th September 34 finalists aged between 8-24 years arrived, along with their parents, to Airth Castle Hotel for the evening gathering.  They came from all corners of the UK and Ireland, travelling by road, air and sea.  Once presented with their blue shirts, society ties and YDP black hoodies, they were ready and equipped for the competition to begin the following morning, Saturday 1st October, hosted by Mr & Mrs Dick and their daughter Steph, who is also our Scotland area coordinator for YDP.

Divided into their age groups the young people embarked upon the full programme for the day.  Including, a panel interview for the Seniors and a presentation of “Why are there so many different types of Aberdeen Angus cattle” for the intermediate competitors. Kindly judged by Angus Stovold, Eustace Burke and Duncan Morrison. 

Our panel judges were very impressed with the strength of ability, knowledge and maturity of our senior and intermediates, prompting our President to endeavor to secure further opportunities for them in their future development.  Congratulations to our 1st and 2nd placed panel Seniors, John Smyth and Catherine Smyth, who have been invited to attend the British Cattle Breeders Conference in January 2023.

The young people selected for the final, had attended a YDP workshop in their area during 2022, where they were assessed by our experienced trainers on the day, in the set disciplines.  All the time the young folk are having fun, making friends, and learning skills from industry experts.  To then be invited to attend the final was an amazing achievement and all of us area coordinators are extremely, proud and impressed by their remarkable positive attitude and friendly rivalry throughout the weekend.

“The enthusiasm and skills of all competitors over the weekend was unbelievable, considering, for most of them it was their first time to do the YDP.  Going into 2023 it can only go from strength to strength” Niall Lynch – YDP Coordinator Ireland.

 Following the long day of competition; a formal presentation dinner was held at Airth Castle Hotel, after dinner our President, Angus Stovold delighted us with an amusing speech and then followed the days results and presentation of awards.

Congratulations to our overall 1st and 2nd placed seniors, Nicola Howie and Seonaid McClaren, who have been invited by the President and YDP Chairman to attend the next Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society council meeting in October, in Perth, to introduce and promote the establishment of the new Youth Council.

It was an immensely satisfying and proud moment for the YDP Team, Steph Dick (Scotland), Niall Lynch (Ireland) and myself Tina Russell (England & Wales), along with our Chairman Will Chrystal, to witness all the development of friendships, confidence and comradery between the 34 young folk, as a result of their experience over the 48 hrs prior.

  “It was a great weekend with many new friends made.  Our son Kieran had a great time and learned lots to assist him in the coming years.” Ger Ryan

The scale of this event is immense and cannot be achieved with out the good will and generosity of fellow Angus breeders and friends.  We thank all of our skilled judges and workshop leaders, for giving up their time and sharing their knowledge. Special thanks must be paid to Carol and Richard Rettie, along with William and Seonaid Mclaren for providing equipment and livestock for the day’s events and of course to The Dick family for all the preparations in advance and for letting us take over their family farm for the day.

” What a final!” ”Best one I’ve ever been to!” ‘Well organised from start to finish, this is our sons first time and he’s loved every minute, thank you”. 

These are only a few comments I’ve received over the past few days, it fills me with pride that the team has pulled this amazing weekend together, so a huge pat on the back from me.

I had the opportunity to sit in on panel and again, it amazes me when the young people have that level of enthusiasm and shear guts to stand in front of the panel and say their piece. So very well done to you all.

Speaking to judges after the event, they all spoke very highly of all the competitors, and they were delighted to be a part of the weekend and offering their services for anything to do with the YDP in the future. Without the judges, host farms of workshops during the year, the people who offered Angus cattle to workshops and finals, and everyone that helped in between I would like to thank you on behalf of the YDP.

Because you have all helped in the learning, providing your experience and creating the experience for the competitors. Thank you.” Will Chrystal – Chair of YDP.


Looking forward your YDP Coordinators are now planning their dates and venues for 2023 workshops, to find our next finalists in the autumn 2023, which will be held in England.

Tina Russell
National YDP Coordinato

Senior Finalist winner Nicola Howie
Intermediate Finalist winner Clodhina Smith
Junior Finalist winner Finlay Hunter



Juniors                                                                     Intermediates                                      Seniors                                

Dressing and Grooming:
1st Finlay Hunter                                               1st Cliodhna Smith                            1st Catherine Smyth
2nd Kieran Ryan                                                 2nd Alexander Crombie                  2nd John Smyth
2nd Adam Kearney                                           3rd William Ashworth                     3rd Nicola Howie

1st Finlay Hunter                                               1st Cliodhna Smith                            1st Catherine Smyth
2nd Molly Posner                                              2nd William Ashcroft                        1st Seonaid McClaren
3rd Sam Herdman                                             3rd Alexander Crombie                   3rd Neil Twomey

Ring Craft
1st Finlay Hunter                                               1st James Morrison                          1st Seonaid McClaren
2nd Lucas Ashworth                                         2nd Ruby Simpson                             2nd Nicola Howie
3rd Adam Kearney                                            3rd William Ashcroft                        3rd Melisa Buchan

Stock Judging
1st Sam Ferguson                                              1st James Morrison                          1st Nicola Howie
2nd Finlay Hunter                                              2nd Ruby Simpson                             2nd Edward Scott
3rd Daniel Willis                                                 3rd Neve Fraser                                  3rd Danielle Crisell           
3rd Adam Kearney                           

PANEL                                                                      1st James Morrison                          1st Catherine Smyth
                                                                                      2nd Cliodhna Smith                           2nd John Smyth
                                                                                      3rd Neve Fraser                                  3rd Alaister McCarthy


OVERALL JUNIOR                                          INTERMEDIATE                                         SENIOR

1st Finlay Hunter (Scotland)                      1st Cliodhna Smith (Ireland)                  1st Nicola Howie (Scotland)

2nd Adam Kearney (Ireland)                      2nd James Morrison (Ireland)                2nd Seonaid McClareen (Scotland)

3rd Kieran Ryan (Ireland)                             2nd Alexander Crombie (Scotland)    3rd John Smyth (Ireland)



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