Bi-Weekly Update: 19th October 2018

Bi-Weekly Update: 19th October 2018


As the year ticks on and it being 10 weeks until dare we say it Christmas, and Halloween just around the corner, we can say we are well into Autumn with the cold and windy weather hitting many parts of the UK. Reports of extended autumn grass growth and silage cuts being taken with the quality of grass in the late season cuts not being as bad as expected, a bit of relief from the forage shortage for some but not all. We have been very busy here at the Society with preparation well underway for the Stirling Show and Sales taking place over the weekend. Take a look below at all the latest news from in and around the Society over the last 14 days!

101st Aberdeen-Angus Review

Advert space is selling fast, so make sure to get your advert bookings in for the 101st edition of the Aberdeen-Angus review! The deadline for booking space in this year’s review is the 1st of November, so make sure to complete your booking form and return it to Michael at Denvir Marketing as soon as possible. He can be contacted through email at [email protected]. A link to the booking form can be shown below, make sure not to miss out! Please note that the 1st November is the booking deadline – once booked, you will have up until the end of November to submit final artwork. Michael and Rob from Denvir will be at Stirling with the relevant forms too, so you can sort it out there with them directly if you prefer.

Review social Post

News and notices from the CEO

Having been out of the office for the last two weeks I am now firmly back in harness and have spent most of this week catching up with outstanding work since returning. There a number of things from a society point of view that merit bringing to your attention.

  • Council Nomination papers have gone out to you all, please give these the attention that they deserve as by picking the right representative for your region to serve on council will pay dividends in the long run.
  • Club secretaries and regional representatives – You have been contacted by Denvir to submit your contributions to the Review, thank you to the six clubs who have already sent in their contributions. Press deadlines are tight this year so please ensure that your copy is submitted for inclusion as soon as you can. Thank you for your help and cooperation.
  • Looking forward to meeting everyone at Stirling over the weekend and please feel free to grab a few minutes with me and let me know your thoughts.
  • Error in the Field report – A mental block by myself led me to use the incorrect surname of the herd manager in the JC Lister report so Peter Orton please accept my apologies and hopefully this correction will put things right!
  • A slight change in format of the Friday update in that we want to bring matters to your attention that need your attention!
  • Attended the NBA Pedigree breed society meeting where a lot of information has been collated with several scenarios on Brexit, Exports and Zootechnical legislation that is on the table.

News and notices from Angela Cumming in the Finance Dept


As our financial year end is the 31st October 2018 and she would be very grateful if everyone could settle any outstanding accounts before month end. This helps greatly with the rounding up of the finances for the year and enables as clear a start as possible for the new year. Don’t forget we can now take card payments over the phone so don’t delay clear your account today!

You may also have noted that if you have not returned your GDPR forms that your details are no longer available in the public domain, this is fine if you don’t want them to be but if you do please complete the form and send it back and we can take the block off your information availability.

Download the form here, if you could please complete and return to Pedigree House.

Link to GDPR form is shown below:

News and Notices from the Registrations Department


Caroline, Fiona and Yvonne quite rightly requested some space in the Bi weekly update to deliver some news and notices from their department. The registrations department is always a busy office at all times of the year its not just registrations that they do in there the work on the sales, DNA testing admin, as well as the herd book, overseas members to mention just a few functions. Anything that you can do as members to make the process run smoothly helps greatly and here’s a few suggestions on what you can do to help at this time of the year.

  • Dungannon sale, 5th Dec, please ensure all animals being entered, that the DNA has been requested for testing contact us now!
  • Looking forward to 2019, February Bull sales, contact the Registration dept to test all animals being put forward, the cost is low now and even if the bull is sold prior to sale it will contribute to the sire verified database if it is tested. Moral is just test everything!
  • Embryo work we are seeing more and more issues with having to build up profiles after calves hit the ground from ET programmes. Please ensure that any cow being flushed has a DNA sire verified test result on file with the Society. Also if you are purchasing Embryos for implantation please ensure that the donor Dam is sire verified. Please check any animal you flush is tested, this will save a great deal of problems when registering calves if the above steps are followed.

News and Notices from the Pedigree Cattle Services Team

As well as sorting out all the Breedplan information for performance recording for multiple breed societies, Barbara, Helena and Amy sort out show catalogues, pen cards, health declarations as well as overseeing the ABRI system and inputting huge amounts of data to produce the EBVs for thousands of animals. Here is a few pointers from them about what you can do to help them at this extremely bust time of year where it’s all hands to the pumps.

  • Although we have not yet had the October Stirling Bull Sale a reminder that entries close at the end of November for February. Please ensure that the entries have a DNA sample available.
  • Bulls for entry into sales must also be registered so please check your animals are registered prior to entry and also ensure all weights and scans are in.
  • The performance recording information flow is really working well so thanks to all for your efforts
  • Any one not performance recording and would like to please contact the PCS office on 01738 622478 and we will be pleased to send out an information pack.
  • As the year ticks on and the weaning season is upon us please don’t forget to weigh the dams at weaning.

Future Leaders: a great kick-off event in our new initiative aimed at shaping the industry’s future

The Future Leaders Course kicked off on the 9th and 10th of October with participants from all different backgrounds and stages of life coming together to learn and develop their leadership and management skills! One of the amazing speakers from the day was Andrew Johnson as he delivered a talk on Leadership and Management. We caught up with Andrew as he tells us about his background, experiences whilst also giving advice to the participants – make sure not to miss out!

We hear from Ellie Westaway – winner of the Intermediate section at this year’s YDP finale

With reaction to come from senior and junior winners, we first of all spoke to Ellie Westaway who emerged victorious from the Intermediate section at this year’s YDP finale. Ellie impressed all judges at the event in Shrewsbury and was a very worthy winner. To hear about Ellie’s background and reaction to winning, visit the website at:

Condolences to the friends and family of Bert Rugg after his sad passing

The Society would like to pass on their condolences to the friends and family of lifelong stockman Bert Rugg who passed away at his home on the 4th October with his wife and family by his side.

Hear from twin brother’s PJ and Jack as they attend the Midleton YDP Workshop

Twin brothers PJ and Jack first attended the Midleton workshop when they were 11 years old and are frequent attenders of the YDP workshops. This time we catch-up with the twins about their experience at John and Kate Tait’s workshop in Midleton. You can read the full article on the link below:

We speak to multiple participants as they attend the County Down workshop!

We speak to Harry, Matthew, Nathaniel and Molly as they attended the County Down YDP workshop held on the 25th of August! To read the participants account from the workshop then click on the link below:

Stock judging success for young Irish star Avril Crowe

Success for 14-year-old Avril Crowe from Aughakilfaughnan, Mohill, Co. Leitrim as she secured a very well deserved 2nd place in the stock judging despite very strong competition. Avril is seen as one of the brightest young stars emerging from the Irish section of the Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society, Youth Development Programme. To read more on Avril’s success, then click on the link below:

Premium Cattle Health Scheme News – 2019 issue

A reminder that the latest edition of the Premium Cattle Health Scheme News brought to you by SAC Consulting is now available to be read. To find out more information then click on the link below:

Moncur Herd Dispersal

There is an opportunity this weekend to buy some of the best genetics about from the very prominent Moncur Aberdeen-Angus herd. The Moncur herd dispersal takes place at the Stirling Bull Sales on the 22nd of October. The Moncur Aberdeen-Angus herd has grown to be one of the most respected herds in the country, make sure not to miss out and head along to the bull sales.

The online catalogue is now available on the United Auctions website on the link below:

Schivas Herd Dispersal

The Stirling Bull Sales will also hold the dispersal of the well known Schivas herd. There will be 100 adult cattle and 70 calves up for sale as a result of change in farm policy which has led to the dispersal. The dispersal is scheduled for 1pm on the Monday of the bull sales at Stirling Agricultural Centre, so make sure to head along and see what is on offer from the successful Aberdeenshire-based herd.

You can view the full programme of events on the link below:

First Female Sale at Skipton Auction

Entries have now closed for the first Female Sale that is being staged at Skipton’s CCM auctions on the 7th November A good range of females is up for sale and being well bred should interest several buyers from far and wide. For a look at further details from the event then click on the link below:

Full results from the October 2018 Carlisle Show & Sale

If you would like to view the full results from the October 2018 Carlisle Show and Sales then click on the link below:

The Irish National Calf Show

The final major show of the 2018 Irish season was staged over the weekend with the National Aberdeen-Angus Calf Show taking place at the Showgrounds, Carrick-On-Shannon, Co. Leitrim. The premier showpiece attracted a total youngstock entry of just under 90 calves, including a small but select entry from Northern Ireland. The event has grown in popularity and stature over the last number of years and is now one of the most keenly contested events of the year. To read the full report from across the water, simply head to:

Stock for sale

We continue to share some great opportunities for stock for sale on the website. Please feel free to browse this section of the site regularly as it is being updated throughout the week and be sure to get in touch with any stock you might have for sale that you’d like promoted through this platform. Get in touch by phoning the office or emailing Laura in the office at [email protected]. The stock for sale section on the website is available at:


Some key upcoming events in the calendar are as follows:

Shows and Sales:

        21st-22nd of October: Aberdeen Angus Stirling Show and Sales

        22nd of October: Schivas herd dispersal

        22nd of October: Moncur herd dispersal

        7th November – Female sale – CCM Auctions Skipton

        10th November –  Stars of the Future Calf Show Stirling Auction Centre

        11th November – @Carrick on Shannon Republic of Ireland Premier sale of Bulls & Heifers, Please contact Kathryn Bradshaw for further details

        23rd of November: Black Beauty Bonanza

Don’t forget to come to Agri Expo

        2nd of November: Borderway Market – Carlisle Agri Expo


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From all at the Society, have a great weekend!