Keeping children safe at United Auctions: enforcement of rules

Keeping children safe at United Auctions: enforcement of rules


United Auctions Stirling have recently communicated some news about the rulings around keeping children safe at events up and down the country, with particular reference to leading bulls in the show ring. In their recent communications, United Auctions Stirling have said:

”Health and Safety is playing an ever more prominent part in our sale day operations. As you know we have invested heavily in a new show ring and hope that it provides greater safety for our customers and visitors.

”Within our overall review the subject of children at auction marts was brought into discussion.

”We undoubtedly want to encourage families and children to be involved in agriculture as much as possible but cannot ignore the inherent dangers.

”With that in mind we have produced guidelines to help promote safety at United Auctions and have published in the catalogue and displayed on our notice board. Our risk assessment has also highlighted youngsters working with cattle and we propose that no one under 16 shall be able to lead a bull in the show ring.  From speaking to some it may be a bit of an unwritten rule that this is the case anyway, but it is one we would like to enforce.”

You can access a copy of the United Auctions Safety Notice and Risk Assessment by clicking the links below:

Safety Notice

Risk Assessment

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