Bi-Weekly Update – Friday 16th April 2021

Bi-Weekly Update – Friday 16th April 2021


Bi-Weekly Update – Friday 16th April 2021:

A Top Price of 4,700gns at the Spring Worcester Sale:

A top price of 4,700gns was reached at the Worcester Spring sale of Aberdeen-Angus bulls and females on Saturday 3rd April 2021. A total of 11 bulls sold to a strong average of more than £3400, both bulls and females were in strong demand at the sale. The sale was held under strict COVID-19 restrictions where all attendees wore face coverings and adhered to the 2m social distancing regulations

Sale topper Warrenho Rambo V810 an April 2019 born bull who is a Hallington Wizard P445 son and out of homebred cow Warrenho Rachel L385. Rambo is a full brother to the multi award winning Warrenho Ronaldo T685 who sold for £5,000 to the Netherlands and also a full brother to Warrenho Raymondo U737 who sold to the Bankier herd in Glasgow. Rambo’s sire Hallington Wizard P445 was purchased for £10,000 and has bred exceptionally well for the Warrenho herd. Rambo sold for 4,700gns to GD Swerling & Sons, Bucks. To read the full report and see photo’s from the sale please click here

Weight for Age – Stirling & Carlisle Sales:

With the new Society rules coming in at the start of last year for weight for age at all Official Society sales, here is a list showing the weight for age weightings for the next upcoming spring sales at –

Stirling (Monday 3rd May) & Carlisle (Saturday 22nd May)

Please click on the documents below for each sale to check the weight for age:



Upcoming Sales…
Dungannon Aberdeen-Angus Sale:
Dungannon Farmers Mart, 90 Granvillie Road, Dungannon, Co.Tyrone, BT70 1NJ

Tuesday 20th April 2021


United Auctions, Stirling May Sale:

United Auctions, Stirling Agriculture Centre, Stirling, FK9 4RN

Sunday 2nd – Monday 3rd May 2021


Contact United Auctions for more information – 01786 473055

H&H, Carlisle May Sale:

Borderway Mart Rosehill, Carlisle, CA1 2RS

Saturday 22nd May 2021

Catalogue available soon

Sale Animal Photos:

If anyone has any photos of animals they have going forward to upcoming Society sales, please send them to Amy for advertising on our website and Facebook page – [email protected]

Aberdeen-Angus: the breed, the brand, the members…

Fantastic Aberdeen-Angus coverage in the Spring NBA magazine, which includes a case study on the Aberdeen-Angus breed with Society member and council member Chris Wilkinson.

Make sure to get yourself a copy to have a read!

Great British Beef Week 2021 #GBBW

Keep an eye out on our 3 social media platforms from Friday 23rd – Friday 30th April as we will be supporting the nations favourite foodie weeks – Great British Beef Week ??

This year GBBW is focusing on recognising and highlighting British beef farmers and the work they do to support sustainable production practices on their farms. It’s due to the strides that these farmers make in this area that British beef continues to be amongst the most sustainable in the world.


We have sent out an email to all summer show secretary’s (please check junk boxes). See copy of email below…

Dear Show Secretary,

I hope you are well!

Due to COVID-19 with some shows already being cancelled we have decided this year to not supply the shows with a CHAMPION SASH as we are not always aware of which shows are going ahead and which ones are not going ahead this year.

For this year if your show is going ahead can you please use the CHAMPION rosette that we supplied last year, if you no longer have the CHAMPION rosette from last year please let me know and we can get one sent to you.

Please also remember to update your show schedules about the Society only supplying a CHAMPION rosette.

If your show is not going ahead this year, can you please drop me an email to let me know so I can update our show spreadsheet. Email – [email protected]

For 2022 we will be back to normal with the usual Aberdeen-Angus breed awards of a CHAMPION sash and CHAMPION rosette.

We hope you understand, and we look forward to a busy summer show season in 2022!

YDP Instagram Takeover: 

We are looking for each of our YDP participants to take over the YDP Instagram page @aberdeenangusydp.

If you have an interesting week planned on the farm, or an exciting trip planned, or just your varied life on the farm then please contact us to book your week.

Our members are looking forward to varied, fun and fresh, posts, videos and photos from you.
Email: [email protected] to book your week.

Stock for Sale & Stock Wanted:

If you would like to advertise stock for sale & stock wanted on our website then please send all the relevant information, contact information along with pictures/videos to Amy: [email protected]

Potential buyers can contact members directly.

(Stock for sale is for Aberdeen-Angus members to advertise only. We only publish adverts for pedigree Aberdeen-Angus stock).

Staff Update:

The staff are all still working from home and continue as a team to deliver to the best of their ability to the membership. Due to the volume of emails that are being received at present please bear with us and we will reply as soon as we possibly can.

In order to work more efficiently in relation to the large volume of emails that are received, please be aware that the [email protected] email address is being wound down and is no longer monitored regularly. Should you email this address you will receive a standard reply to this effect asking you to email the correct person from the contact us page on the website, so that your enquiry can be dealt with as quickly as possible by the person responsible for the particular task. To make this process more streamlined, we are currently working to update the contact us page with a brief description of the main duties that each member of staff deal with to help you select the most appropriate person to contact.

By contacting the correct person by email in the first instance we hope that you will receive a quicker response to your enquiry and urge you to do this going forward so please embrace this change and let’s make it work and the whole business work smarter going forward.
To be able to contact the staff, please see email addresses below. By emailing us this is our most favoured method of communication

Barrie Turner, CEO (01738 448345) – [email protected]

Laura Stewart, Office Manager (01738 448343) – [email protected]

Angela Cumming, Accounts (01738 448344) – [email protected]

Caroline Ford, Registrations, Sales (01738 448341) – [email protected]

Fiona Flood, Registrations, New member enquiries (01738 448342) – [email protected]

Amy Johnstone, Shows & Sales, Stock For Sale, Stock Wanted, Website & Social Media (01738 448348) –[email protected]

Barbara Webster, Pedigree Cattle Services (01738 448346) – [email protected]

Helena Stewart, Aberdeen-Angus Accounts & Pedigree Cattle Services (01738 448347) – [email protected]

News & Notices from CEO, Barrie Turner:
  • Hope that you are all keeping well and the period of enforced self-isolation being observed by many during lambing and calving.
  • Covid-19 is still affecting how we do things and discharge our responsibilities to the membership.
  • As it stands now there may not be a great deal of change to that situation until the end of June, although there has been some good news in Scotland in that some of the roadmap dates have been brought forward.
  • Our registrations team is under pressure as always at this time of year but even more so perhaps this year through the busy time being a person and a half short of what is needed.
  • I am taking advice now on the possibility of starting some lateral flow test kits for Covid-19 as the staff situation particularly in registrations is such that we need to bring in somebody new and train them up.
  • I have the news today that kits will be available in Scotland to everyone at the end of April so that may well take care of itself!
  • Thanks to Fiona and Caroline for agreeing to work with this if the risk to our investment in keeping the staff and their families safe is not compromised.
  • We have started our quest to resolve this and to recruit a Breed Development Manager a round of interviews which we are holding on Tuesday 20th April. My thanks to the panel for making themselves available.
  • Thanks also to Jenny McCullagh our HR advisor for keeping us on the right tracks with the process ensuring compliance and transparency with the recruitment process on all fronts.
  • The shows are seemingly coming out of the woodwork with various formats for some of those who can run that have not yet cancelled – Highland “Virtual” format, Great Yorkshire four-day event with limited crowds etc.
  • It is a bit of a conundrum as to what we do and can do at these events to promote the dreed which is what it is all about. We are working with the clubs locally to the shows to see which ways to go for the best.
  • I have only had one call from an exhibitor who would be showing everywhere they could but not a mad rush of people, as so many will have turned their show cattle out unprepared this year.
  • The newly appointed General Manger in Ireland is getting settled into her role and support is still being afforded to her over her first few weeks in the role. But what a start! Felicity has hit the ground running gathered up everything in her path and moved it forward.
  • Assistance required with a number of items including the calling of an AGM to formally accept the terms of the Articles of Association by the membership prior to them being lodged with CRO in Ireland.
  • To all the EU members that are waiting for further information on how to register cattle we have had meetings with ICBF and are in the final stages on setting up how that will work. A very streamlined and simple system that is perhaps easier to follow that the UK one.
  • Lucy Andrews – Noden of Priestcliffe Consulting continues her research work for us into the best path to take the membership on the Genomic journey and hopefully will be able to report back to the DNA/Breed Development Committees with her recommendations soon.
  • The now installed President, David Ismail is taking the reins and responsibilities of his new position, sorting out refined structures and working practices for Committees and Council members.
  • Zoom will be playing a big part in what we do going forward with regular Committee meetings to be scheduled, a busy year ahead for Council members and staff to pull together and deliver the plan.
  • A bit more normality will return hopefully to the May sales – Carlisle will certainly be perhaps more so than Stirling, which we anticipate will be the same format as February, as the roadmap is faster in England out of restrictions, as always, we will be advised by the auctioneers what we can and can’t do.
  • We would appreciate a speedy response to any requests for information or samples, for sale entries from the office as we prepare all the information assimilation required for animals at society sales.
  • Just on the sales and what people pay for bulls, I have had two instances in the last two weeks where bulls have not been able to be traced on the database by abattoirs, one was sold to the commercial man with a certificate or a different animal and the other one was bought as an Aberdeen-Angus which it is but is not registered.
  • In both situations, the buyers of these bulls have lost out substantially on the AA premium by trying to save a few pounds by not buying through proper channels and being drawn in by price.
  • This has been a very expensive mistake for both one with 95 cattle in his system and the other one with 35, the premium lost would have covered the cost at least threefold, buyers beware of cheap Aberdeen-Angus Bulls!!!
  • A reminder that health cards are required for EVERY animal including females entered and an observance of the Society weight for age calculations with the normal tolerance allowance for transport loss will be in force.
  • The last three sales animals which were underweight but within tolerance at the time of sale were unsold.
  • Following a “Doodle Poll” for the two areas unrepresented with candidates for Council, we are pleased to welcome, Mathew Currie for Scotland South and Kit Acton for England and Wales North who are co-opted for a period of one year.
  • Amy Johnstone heads into her final week at the Society next week and we wish her well with her future endeavours with Harbro, recruitment process for her and Yvonne’s replacement is underway.
  • Something that we rarely think about, renewal of domain names, these have all been up for subscription renewals and the dangers of not doing it are quite substantial as Russell Taylor at Moncur will stand testament to!
  • Its renewal time for our CAAB members annual subscription, thanks to Angela Cumming for sorting this out this year and thanks to the subscribing members for their continued support.
  • Angus Stovold and I were invited to a CHeCS board meeting this week which we believe had a highly successful outcome on a proposal submitted to encourage more engagement with IBR and it’s control.
  • Been engaging more closely with Pinstone along with the new Chair of Marketing as it is now become known, Chris Wilkinson good to have an extra pair of eyes and another brain on the job, thanks for your support Chris as always.
  • Trading conditions with Northern Ireland and therefore the EU are very much to the fore with the NBA and Levy boards battling on behalf of breeders on retagging, reintroduction of the show licence system, now going to Government next Tuesday for debate.
  • Both the World Angus Secretariat and the European Angus Secretariat have become active this last period with a Virtual meeting of the WAS is planned for 1st/2nd of July depending on what time zone you are in, UK is 8.00pm on the 1st of July.
  • There has been a couple of Glitches with Pedigree house an overflow pipe has been running and a toilet has become blocked putting this down to it needs to be used more!
  • I have recovered sufficiently from my hip replacement operation and will be returning to the office – Covid-19 tested on the 23rd of April making life for me a great deal simpler having everything around me!
  • Many thanks again to all of you who have called to enquire after my health it is much appreciated.
  • This is some but by no means all of the business that comes across my desk on a weekly basis but hopefully gives you a flavour of what is going on.
  • Until the next report I wish you all a problem free period of lambing and calving and hope that you and your families all remain in good health as we head back to something like normality.

News & Notices from the Accounts Department: 


  • A kindly reminder that membership for 2021 is due to be paid, if not already done so.

You can pay by either cheque, internet banking or credit card.  Please don’t forget to quote your membership number when making payments.


  • In order to try and save on postage costs we would like to send our invoices by email.  If you have not already done so, can you please provide us with your details?

Please click on the document below…


News & Notices from Registrations:

We are working to process registrations as fast as we can but please bear with us as we are just two now as we are both working from home.

Please send DNA tissue samples to the office in a padded envelope marked DNA and with a LARGE LETTER FIRST CLASS STAMP.  Samples in ordinary envelopes get lost in the postal sorting system.  Incorrect postage means the Society has to pay a surcharge for every envelope and it delays the delivery.

We are working to identify all the stock bulls who only have a Microsatellite DNA result. So if we send you a kit to take a hair sample please return this as soon as you can. We will test this sample again to get a 50K SNPS profile of the bull which we will need for Sire Verification. Microsatellite testing will be phased out at the end of this year.

Please also check that the bull you are using has been DNA tested.  We still come across bulls that are not tested when we are processing registrations.  This slows up the process – we have to wait for your bull to be tested before we can then run the free test for the male calves.

News & Notices from YDP:

The CALM and MAP Competition deadlines have now closed and we have received some amazing entries,  it is clear that our members have an immense amount of knowledge and their CALM projects have now been sent over to our judge Robert Gilchrist for assessment.

Workshops: Whilst we are looking forward to a wonderful spring and summer, doubt still looms over us as to whether or not our usual workshops can go ahead in their normal format in a safe way.  Different areas of the UK and Ireland are under differing restrictions and as such I think it’s unlikely that workshops as we know it in 2021 will not go ahead.  However, we are very hopeful that the late summer and autumn will mean that we can arrange some special events for all our young members to meet up safely around the country and enjoy some education, fun experiences and friendships.  So please keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for news and updates and they occur.  We are also working on holding our Senior Conference as usual in November.

News & Notices from the Ireland Office:

Irish Aberdeen-Angus Spring Premier

The Irish Aberdeen-Angus Premier sale takes place at Nenagh Mart, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary on Thursday, April 29th at 1pm. All bulls can be viewed on the morning of the sale by appointment only, with booking times available through the mart office on 067 31380. All potential purchasers for the sale must register with MartBids in advance and the full catalogue can be found by clicking here 

Gigginstown House Aberdeen-Angus Sale

The Gigginstown House Aberdeen-Angus sale of pedigree Aberdeen-Angus bulls and heifers takes place on Saturday, April 24th. Please contact Joe on 087 7809113 or Pascal on 087 7748596 for more details and the catalogue can be accessed by clicking here

Record Clearance at Munster Club High Health Status Sale

The Munster Aberdeen-Angus Club was pleased to report a 92% clearance for bulls at the club’s annual High Health Status sale of bulls at Bandon last week. Billy Fitzgerald, Beanfield, Youghal, Co Cork topped the sale, selling Ashview Lord Hamlet V408 for the day’s top call of €3200 and a full report of the sale can be found by clicking here

From us all at the Society have a great weekend and stay safe!

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