Aberdeen-Angus Breed Awards – Summer Shows 2022

Aberdeen-Angus Breed Awards – Summer Shows 2022


Aberdeen-Angus Breed Awards – Summer Shows 2022

In order to provide your show with our breed awards, I would be grateful if you could fill out the form below to confirm whether your show will be going ahead in 2022 and which Aberdeen-Angus classes and breed awards you would like.

Conditions upon our breed awards are granted:

  • The Judge must be a member of the society’s official Panel of Judges – please refer to Panel of Judges click here 
  • Show results for Aberdeen-Angus classes must be submitted within a reasonable time frame by email to [email protected] 

Show result information required is as follows:

  • The full names of animals & exhibitors which won Champion & Reserve
  • The full names of the animals & exhibitors placed in each class
  • The full name of the animal & exhibitor which won Best Bred by Exhibitor

On our form if you would like to include you closing date for your entries we will publish this on our website, if you do not include your closing date we cannot publish it on our website.

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