Maiden Heifers for Sale – Adrefelyn Aberdeen-Angus

Maiden Heifers for Sale – Adrefelyn Aberdeen-Angus


Maiden Heifers for Sale – Adrefelyn Aberdeen-Angus:


Ideal for starting your own herd or diversifying your current stock, Adrefelyn have a range of very well bred registered Aberdeen-Angus maiden heifers for sale.

Sired by Ribble, Dark Lane, Treebridge and Cheeklaw stock bulls.

Recently TB tested.

• Stephen and his wife Belinda from Adrefelyn have been producing quality pedigree Aberdeen-Angus for over 25 years, which are renowned throughout the North West and Wales.
• All of the livestock are known for their good conformation, gentle temperament and hardiness.
• A level herd, focusing slightly towards the more traditional, smaller Aberdeen Angus size with bulls all being sold to local Cheshire, Shropshire and Welsh dairy farmers – perfect for an easy first time calving experience.
• In previous years, the Adrefelyn Angus maiden heifers have travelled as far as Romania, France, Spain, and Hungary to start herds in Europe.

Based near Wrexham, for more information, please contact Stephen: 01978 780368 / 07986 113221 / [email protected]
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