Holly Howe Bulls – For Sale

Holly Howe Bulls – For Sale


Great Selection of pedigree Aberdeen Angus Bulls for sale. (We currently have 5 x 24 montholds and a selection of yearlings to choose from).  We breed easy calving, easy fleshing, low input bulls with good temperaments and good confirmation; All of our young bulls are well grown but not pushed and would be ready to go straight to work on heiffers. Calves of our old stock bull who is sire to four of these bulls and most of the mothers are available to see. We are in a TB4 area. All bulls can be tested prior to moving if required. Delivery may be possible for an additional charge. To come and have a look or for any questions please call Jonathon on 015394 41264.

HollyHowe Fruitful Lad UK104424 400384 – Born April 2019

Low birth weights, exceptionally easy calving, Good Growth Rates for stores and finished cattle, high feed conversion efficiency, high EBV’s for milk production fantastic stock bull for any herd.

HollyHowe Evasive UK104424 500385 – Born April 2019

Exceptional Growth rates for stores and finishing cattle, heiffers would go on to make big powerful milky mothers fantastic conformation, good stretch from the peter pershore line and muscling from fordel.

HollyHowe Lord Bank UK104424 400398 – Born May 2019

Low birth weights, easy calving, fantastic growth rates for stores producing a great medium sized cow milky cow, fantastic stock bull for a pedigree herd or someone producing the very best quality beef.

HollyHowe Black Lad UK104424 400405 – Born August 2019

Good calving figures, high EBV’s for milk great commercial bull.

HollyHowe Brabus UK104424 700380 – Born June 2018

Easy calving figures, good growth rates, great shape excellent commercial bull

If you have any further questions or you would just like to discuss in more detail please feel free to call Jonathon on 015394 41264.

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