Adrefelyn Herd: Pedigree Maiden & Bulling Heifers for sale

Adrefelyn Herd: Pedigree Maiden & Bulling Heifers for sale


Looking to start your own herd or just add diversity to your current stock? Adrefelyn have a range of very well bred Aberdeen-Angus maiden (12-18 months) and bulling (18 – 30 months) heifers for sale. Sired by Ribble, Dark Lane, Treebridge and Cheeklaw stock bulls. Recently TB tested and fully vaccinated.

Adrefelyn-Aberdeen Angus 12-18 month bulls also for sale. Ideal for heifers and smaller cows.

  • Stephen and his wife Belinda from Adrefelyn have been producing quality pedigree Aberdeen-Angus for over 25 years, which are renowned throughout the North West and Wales.
  • All of the livestock are known for their good conformation, gentle temperament and hardiness.
  • A level herd, focusing slightly towards the more traditional, smaller Aberdeen-Angus size with bulls all being sold to local Cheshire, Shropshire and Welsh dairy farmers – perfect for an easy first time calving experience.
  • In previous years, the Adrefelyn Angus maiden heifers have travelled as far as Romania, Spain, and Hungary to start herds in Europe.

Based near Wrexham, for more information, please contact Stephen; 01978 780368 / 07986 113221 / [email protected]

See images below, along with more images on our Facebook page:

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