The Society’s first outing at the Pembrokeshire County Show

The Society’s first outing at the Pembrokeshire County Show


Last week we attended the Pembrokeshire County Show for the first time – a show that is becoming increasingly anticipated on the yearly calendar.

At the show, the Female and Breed Champion Aberdeen-Angus, and Female and Breed Champion Any Other Native was Melview Kokoa P158 (pictured above). Kokoa is a 3rd Calf 5 year old cow. She comes from the Tegnose K family bred by ex Society president Nigel Hammil. Tegnose Karman, one of the first UK Angus bulls to have huge amounts of semen exported (and a bull that really put UK genetics on the map) is from this cow family.

The Society had a stand for the first time there for the 3 days, which attracted a good amount of interest from new faces looking to make use of Aberdeen-Angus genetics. A big thank you to all involved in a super show.

Results from classes featuring Aberdeen-Angus, all courtesy of Melview Farming, were as follows:

Champion: Melview Kocoa, Melview Farming

Bull, any age:

1st – Houghton Xanthos (Lincoln Red)

2nd – Melview Glory, Melview Farming

3rd – AI Glancollen Teifi (South Devon)

Cow, in calf or in milk:

1st – Melview Kocoa, Melview Farming

2nd – Glancollen Ceinwen (South Devon)

3rd – Wragby Phylis (Lincoln Red)

4th – AI Glancollen Buttercup (South Devon)

5th – Wragdy Corin (Lincoln Red)

Heifer, born on or between 1st Aug 2016 and 31st May 2018

1st – Glancollen Lisa (South Devon)

2nd – Melview Gia, Melview Farming

3rd – Melview Jane Ella, Melview Farming

Calf, born after 1st June 2018

1st – Melview General, Melview Farming

2nd – Wellhouse Yasmin (Lincoln Red)

3rd – AI Glencollen Buttercup (South Devon)

4th – Wellhouse Yosef (Lincoln Red)

Pair of heifers, owned by the exhibitor, born on or after 1st Sept 2016

1st – Melview Farming

Group of three animals, the property of the same exhibitor

1st – Messrs EG and CE James (South Devon)

2nd – Melview Farming

3rd – Mr Robin Whittle (Lincoln Red)

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