Bi-Weekly Update: 1st March 2019

Bi-Weekly Update: 1st March 2019


Aaannd just like that February is over! It has been a very busy month here at the Society with show and sale season kicking off, we look forward to welcoming the warmer weather as we now move in to March. In a week packed with activity, we’ve seen the YDP Senior Conference and Royal Northern Spring Show and Sale taking place amongst the other day-to-day duties in the office at Pedigree House. Take a look at what’s been going on in and around the Society over the last 14 days!

News Roundup

This year’s Summer National Show will be held at the Royal Welsh Show, which will also see the Interbreed Young Handlers Competition taking place, Make sure to get in touch if you would be interested in entering this year’s competition!

The Irish Aberdeen-Angus Association held its annual AGM at the Mullingar Park Hotel on Saturday, February 16th. The existing Irish Aberdeen-Angus Association Presidential team, headed up by Senior President, Mr Mack Crowe were unanimously elected to continue their second year in office.

Ahead of the Royal Northern Spring Show and Sale, the well-known McCombie family who operate the Auchincrieve Aberdeen-Angus herd went under the spotlight in an article by Aberdeen and Northern Marts – make sure to check it out for a great read if you haven’t already.

To keep up with all other news from the Society as well as all the latest updates from shows, sales and other events, just head over to the appropriate sections on our website.

News and features:

Show and Sales news:

News and notices from the CEO

At the time of the last report I was over in Ireland and looking forward to the IAAA AGM on Saturday 16th Feb 2019, following the business of the meeting the CEO gave a brief overview of council and the happenings. It is apparent that I need to spend a little more time this year supporting our members in Ireland, which I will endeavour to do. A plan of the way forward on a number of key issues was presented by IAAA council member Eustace Burke, with a good framework to get things done, but as always the help and support of the wider membership is required to make things happen.

The journey back was a bit of a nightmare with a blowout 5 miles into the journey back to Perth. SW Scotland a lonely place at 10.30 pm on a Saturday night with no spare, jack or wheel brace and only the modern car equivalent of a tin of “Copydex” and a small fag lighter compressor being the get you home solution! CAR MANUFACTURERS TAKE NOTE – this is not a solution! AA recovery back to Perth and along with the valued assistance of David Ismail on the Sunday morning normal transport methods resumed at about 1.00pm. Any captions for the above welcome!
If Mohammed can’t go to the mountain then the mountain must come to Mohammed. We had a visit from the Turner family, who entertained themselves around the area for a couple of days last week – including a visit to the office to meet the staff and see where “Gramps” spends his time!

Having been hit by a bit of a serious cold flu and sickness bug in the office and the staff being further indisposed by illness, I’m glad to report that we are back to full strength again.
Three days in the office was followed by a trip down to Nantwich to help and support the YDP chair Andrew Shufflebotham in the delivery of the 2019 Seniors Conference and what a great weekend he and wife Sarah put together for us. There will be a report on the proceedings available soon on the website. Unfortunately a couple of late call offs through illness but a good, enthusiastic and eager to learn group was in attendance.

Back to Perth via Caisley Tag at Ripon and a flying visit to James Playfair Hannay at Kelso to cover of a number of points on PCS and society matters with his valued assistance.
Tuesday evening saw me heading north to the Spring Fair at Thainstone agricultural centre and what an event that is – well worth attending and met many of the membership in the North and North East.

We also hosted a party of Lithuanian Aberdeen-Angus breeders who all enjoyed the show and sale before heading for a herd visit to Charles McCombie’s Auchincrieve herd. Charles McCombie Jnr did a great job of showing us around and explaining the way that they selected the stock for retention, prepared the bulls for show sales, and the commercial side of the operation. Plenty of food for thought for our visitors.

Angela McGregor attended the show and sale and managed to visit Neil Massie Snr to present him with the President’s Award at last, finding Neil in good form and spirits – so all positive news from the Massie camp!

Willie McLaren Snr has done a great deal of work on the history of the Aberdeen-Angus breed and we are in the process of working with Denvir to pull together a number of parts that Willie has been working on and make sure that we don’t lose the knowledge that perhaps our oldest active member has stored in his head!

Thanks to Alistair and Graeme Frazer at Idvies and also David Ismail at Fordel for hosting our Lithuanian visitors and giving them plenty to think about! And to Barbara and the PCS team for their presentation as the visitors came back to Pedigree House to round off their trip.

Next Tuesday and Wednesday sees the committee and Council meetings, with much preparation and build up for our new team at the helm of the Society. Under the auspices of incoming President Paul Jeenes, the various committees will be tasked with ensuring progress with the projects that we have on the go.

A huge amount of work goes into the run up to the council meetings from every one of the staff at Pedigree house to ensure the smooth running of the meetings, to having all the information on all the agenda items. A big thank you from me for all the help and assistance that you give to me on the run up to the Council meetings.

The committees have all been subscribed to, and members of them selected for their skills expertise and knowledge in that area. Further structural changes are proposed at committee level to ensure progression between council meetings. A great initiative and a real positive change to ensure that we don’t drift but make things happen.

Hoping to put out a brief newsletter which should be with you by the end of March with what’s hot and what’s not and an outline report of the council proceedings to keep you all informed.
A busy time ahead with a great deal to do prior to the World Secretariat in Uruguay with a packed agenda of tours shows and meetings in the fortnight trip – I can assure you all that it is no holiday!

Notes and actions from Laura Stewart

A busy period with the February and March Council meetings timed within virtually a month of each other this year; meeting papers have been prepared and sent to Council members. The committees meet on Tuesday 5th with full Council meeting on Wednesday 6th March – any member wishing to raise any points with Council should do so through their local Council representative in advance of the meeting.

News and Notices from the Pedigree Cattle Services Team

We are now heading into our busiest time of year with spring calving, and sales in Worcester, Dungannon, Carlisle, and Stirling. Please ensure you are up to date with your herd testing and contact your health scheme to ensure accurate health status. Please also inform the office of any animals you intend to sell, to have DNA test results in plenty time.

News and Notices from the Registrations Department

Breeders are advised to forward their DNA tissue samples to IDENTIGEN within a week of samples being taken. If you are planning on holding on to them for any length of time they should be stored in the fridge.

News and Notices from the Irish Aberdeen-Angus Society

The Irish Aberdeen-Angus Association Sale in Nenagh will take place on the 1st May 2019. Entries close on the 3rd April, 2019. All bulls must be genomically tested (sire verified and myostatin tested).

Shows, Sales and Events

Key upcoming events are shown below:

PENWAC AGM: Sunday 3rd March – The Best Western Garstang
Northern Ireland Club AGM is on Tuesday 12th March at 8.00pm in Dungannon Rugby Club – Refreshments available; guest speaker on Myostatin
Worcester Show and Sale: Saturday 6th April – Worcester Livestock Market


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From all at the Society, have a great weekend!

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