New CHeCS approved Cattle Health Scheme Provider

New CHeCS approved Cattle Health Scheme Provider


We would like to make you all aware that the Axiom Veterinary Laboratories has recently launched a CHeCS approved Cattle Health Scheme.

Axiom Veterinary Laboratories is the largest provider of veterinary diagnostic testing for livestock in England and Wales. They provide farm animal laboratory services to over 300 veterinary practices across GB so this new scheme could be of interest to many of our members. Samples from their herds will often already be coming to this lab for testing via this popular vet practice courier route plus they are very competitively priced, have fast turnaround times and it is backed up by an experienced cattle health schemes vet.

On our Aberdeen-Angus Herd Health Declaration Form, if you are with Axiom then please list this in the OTHER section of the CHeCS Health Scheme Membership part of the form.

Please see  press release below for more information:


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