Irish Aberdeen-Angus Association announces new plans for genomic testing

Irish Aberdeen-Angus Association announces new plans for genomic testing


2019 is shaping up to be a very exciting and busy year for the Irish Aberdeen-Angus Association; not least as a result of the recent announcement of a brand new genomic testing scheme. Details of the scheme first emerged in the Irish farming press in the days before Christmas and this new project will be the first of many new initiatives and developments that the Irish Aberdeen-Angus Association have in the works for the New Year.

The new genomic testing scheme will see all pedigree Aberdeen-Angus bulls born in 2018 genomic tested by the Irish Cattle Breeders Federation (ICBF). The tests will also include an element of DNA verification, which is a major step in ensuring that the Aberdeen-Angus beef brand is protected and fully traceable. The ambitious new genomic strategy is believed to be the first of its kind in Ireland and involved several months worth of negotiations between all parties to get the plan off the ground. The first year of the scheme (bulls born in 2018) will be completely funded by the Irish Aberdeen-Angus Association’s own resources with no extra cost in registration fees to the breeder. In further years, females will also be genomically tested upon the birth of their first calf and so the database of DNA profiles will grow exponentially year on year.

Speaking at the launch of the genomic scheme, Irish Aberdeen-Angus Association President, Mr. Mack Crowe had the following to say:

“The Aberdeen-Angus brand is renowned worldwide. We could not let this opportunity to safeguard the breed pass us by as it dramatically underpins the authenticity of the Aberdeen-Angus brand and also gives reassurance to the breeders whilst safeguarding our current position in the beef market as the #1 beef breed in the country”.

The national domestic beef market is constantly striving for higher and more stringent traceability and certification and the Irish Aberdeen-Angus Association is fully committed to leading the way in this area and is now widely recognised as operating the industry-leading standard on beef traceability and genomic & DNA testing.

Irish Aberdeen-Angus breeders will be receiving hair sample cards and instructions on the sampling process from ICBF in the post shortly and for further queries, please contact the Irish Aberdeen-Angus Association office on 071 9632099 or email [email protected] at your convenience.

Image caption: John McEnroe (Senior Vice-President, Irish Aberdeen-Angus Association), Louis Byrne (Council Member, Irish Aberdeen-Angus Association), Mack Crowe (President, Irish Aberdeen-Angus Association) and Eustace Burke (Junior Vice-President, Irish Aberdeen-Angus Association) at the recent launch of the Irish Aberdeen-Angus Association genomic testing scheme.

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