Great Yorkshire Show Report -2021

Great Yorkshire Show Report -2021


Great Yorkshire show report  

After a long break owing to the Pandemic the great Yorkshire show for 2021 opened its doors to a limited public attendance over a four-day period instead of the normal three day show with limited pre sold tickets to limit daily numbers of public in attendance. 

Livestock schedule was remodelled to again limit the numbers of exhibitors on site during the event and all show staff, exhibitors and trade stand staff having to have evidence of a clear covid test 48 hours or less before attending the show. The Cattle judging was split into two sessions with Commercial beef and Dairy on the Tuesday and Wednesday the pedigree beef breeds being on the Thursday and Friday of the show where the judge for the 2021 Aberdeen Angus classes was Neil Wattie from the Tonley herd in Aberdeenshire who cast his expert eye over the entries for the year. 


Numbers forward were about 30% of our normal attendance at the Great Yorkshire but the uncertainty of exhibitors as to whether shows would go ahead or not with doubt even up until a week before the show feeling unable to commit. However, the Society is grateful to all who did undertake to showcase the breed in the exceptional circumstance prevailing this year. It was good to catch up in person with so many members around the ring some travelling a fair distance.  

Judging started at 9.30am, in good showing conditions dry, warm and not too hot, and in reverse order the Overall Champion selected by Neil was his first place in class 21 number 127 – R Hassell & R Wyllie, Brailes Livestock for their entry shown by Carol Rettie – WEETON BLACKBIRD V519 a choice that was echoed around the ring by the gathered throng. 

Overall Breed Champion  

cat no 127 – R Hassell & R Wyllie, Brailes Livestock for their entry shown by Carol Rettie   WEETON BLACKBIRD V519 


Reserve Overall Champion on a day where the females stole the show was an entry from the Allen Family from Stouphill near Alnwick in Northumberland with again their entry coming second in class 21 behind the champion Cat no 116 – STOUPHILL Lady Rose a very impressive cow and calf unit put through her paces by Dallas Allen on the day. 



Results of the classes. 


Class 17 – Bull Born before 1st Jan 2020 

1st – 104 – Mr D Rankin – BLELACK EQUATOR V976 


Class 18 – Bull Born in 2020  between 1st January and 31st March 

1st- 107 – Mr D Rankin – KILMALUAG LORD BLACKBEATY W288 


Class 19 – Bull born on or after 1st April 2020  

1st- 111 – Mr J G Graham – CARRUTHERS GOLDSMITH  

2nd- 112- R &C Rettie – RETTIES PROPHET W116 

3rd- 113 – Miss J H Swires – CRAGG LORD LYSANDOR W172 


The male championship was a close-run thing with lot number 104 Blelack Equator V976 from the stable of Mr Donald Rankin and Carruthers Goldsmith the widely admired Junior bull entry from the Donald Graham shown by sone Jack, taking the honours Champion and Reserve respectively. 



Class 20 – Cow in milk or in calf born before 1st January 2019 

1st – 116- W D Allen – STOUPHILL LADY ROSE 

2nd – 115 – M & M Alford – EASTFIELD PATRICIA 

3rd – 118 – Mrs J L Denning – TEMPLE ROSEBUD  

4th – 119 – R Hassell & R Wyllie – CHEEKLAW BLACK BETH T597 


Class 21 – Heifer Born in 2019 

1st- 127 – R Hassell & R Wyllie – WEETON BLACKBIRD V519  

2nd- 122 – D W Allen – STOUPHILL ELLA  

3rd – 123 – Mr R J Ashworth – BLACKRODIAN EVITA 

4th – 124 – Mr S I Burgess – CARRUTHERS GEORGIE 


Class 22 – Heifer Born in 2020 on or between 1st January and 31st March  

1st- 130 – H Heerema – BALAVILHOUSE MISS BANGLE W886 


Class 23 – Heifer Born in 2020 on or after 1st April   

1st – 133 – H Heerema – BALAVILHOUSE ROSIE W889 

2nd – 132 – Mr R J Ashworth – STONYLANE EVITA 


Female Champions were in first place and female champion was again the entry from R Hassell & R Wyllie, Brailes Livestock WEETON BLACKBIRD V519 taking the top spot, and STOUPHILL LADY ROSE from the herd of the Allen family taking reserve. 



The Highland showcase champion pair went on to take reserve champion in the Blythwood pairs interbreed championship on the Friday of the show 


 R Hassell & R Wyllie, Brailes Livestock Weeton Blackbird V519 and Kilmaluig Lord Blackbeauty W228 A son of Water End Payton and Blelack Lady Blackcap S406 from the Skye breeder Donald Rankin and again both prepared and shown by Richard Rettie and team. 


As a sequel victory to the Devon County Show young handler’s competition victory, Member Grace Denning, from the renowned Temple herd, came out completely on top taking first place in her age group section and going through to the final and taking the great Yorkshire Show young handler title for 2021, congratulations to her. (Just could not bring myself to post a picture of Grace with a Charolais so here’s grace in action in the Aberdeen Angus classes! 



Overall, a very welcome return to the showring al be it in a limited environment which was enjoyed greatly by the exhibitors and public alike with the first step for 18 months back to our annual show circuit which many regards as their holidays for the year and the social side of showing which has been missing has started to make a return. 

A huge thank you on behalf of the exhibitors’ friends and guests to Will Chrystal, Chairman of the North East England Aberdeen Angus Club for stocking and staffing the bar on a very hot show where the beautifully chilled draught lager went down a storm!! 

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