Galcantray Jedi Eric V287 Tops Stirling February Sale at 15,000gns

Galcantray Jedi Eric V287 Tops Stirling February Sale at 15,000gns


Galcantray Jedi Eric V287 Tops Stirling February Sale at 15,000gns:

The February sale of Aberdeen-Angus bulls and females took place on Saturday 20th February 2021, which saw Aberdeen-Angus sell to a top price of 15,000gns. The sale saw 66 bulls sell to average £6499 (+ £679 on the year), with an 86% clearance rate.

Increasing demand for Aberdeen-Angus cattle ensured a flying trade at the United Auctions, Stirling February Bull Sales, with a top price of 15,000gns with a further seven changing hands at five figures.

United Auctions held the February fixture of the world-famous bull sales under Covid-19 restrictions, buyers were to sit 2m apart in the sale ring and everyone was to wear facemasks. There was a live streamed parade prior to the sale where buyers could see the bulls being paraded, the sale also included an online bidding facility.

Sale leader at 15,000gns was Galcantray Jedi Eric V287 a May 2019 born bull all the way from the Galcantray herd, Cawdor, Nairn. He is the first son of JAC Just Eric N026 a MAC Elvis K085 (ET) sired bull bought privately from Robert McNeil’s Kincardine Castle herd, prior to the dispersal. The dam, Galcantray Jilly Erica N615 by Carhurlie Deka H684, goes back to a Findhorn cow that was also bought at a herd dispersal. Galcantray Jedi Eric V287 sold in a two-way split to Northern Ireland breeder, Jonathan Doyle, buying for this Drumhill herd and Neil and Graeme Massie, Blelack, Dinnet, Aboyne.


Second top price was 12,000gns for Alistair Clark & Sons, April 2019 born bull Duncanziemere Jetstream V322 who is sired by Carruthers Grenadier R797 who was male Champion at the Royal Highland Show 2019 and out of one of the best breeding cows in the herd, Duncanziemere Jill S183, Jetstream sold to Aberdeenshire breeders Neil & Mark Wattie, Mains of Tonley.


Andrew Hodge and daughter Emma, Rulesmains had a cracking sale with one bull selling at 11,000gns and another selling at 11,500gns, both sired by Rawburn Braw Lad R041. Selling for 11,500gns was an April 2019 born bull, Rulesmains Lord Hugh V245 which was purchased by J King, South Hill of Dripps. Following closely behind selling at 11,000gns was Rulesmains Kai V226 also a April 2019 born bull which sold to J Robert Galloway, Cardona, Perthshire.




Next up selling for 11,000gns was Idvies Frank V892 an April 2019 born bull by homebred bull Idvies Kaiser S784 out of homebred cow Idvies France N606. Idvies Frank V892 sold to Balgay Farm, Perthshire.


Selling for 10,500gns was Stouphill Major Primus V267 from Northumberland breeder, Dallas Allen, the Rawburn Estonian S383 son sold to W Manning, Direnanean Farm, Blairgowrie, Perthshire.


Full ET brothers from the Gordon herd both sold for 10,000gns, sired by Netherallan Peter Pershore E052 out of Belhaven Pole Star H070. First up was Gordon Picasso V448 (ET) which sold to Aberdeenshire breeder WAL Lawson, Scotsmill, Alford. Following closely behind was Gordon Phoenix V451 (ET) which sold to GM Mitchell & Son Hilton of Carslogie, Cupar, Fife.




In the led female section, McCornick Duchess V641 a Skaill Dino P099 daughter topped the females at 3200gns who was purchased by S & J Fisher, Cleuchead Farm, Roxburghshire.

Three females sold, top of 3200gns, average £2940.

Prices & more photo’s from the sale…

Bulls sold:

Lot 2 – Westdrums Proud Ikon V191, 3500gns to E Hull, Turncole, Southminster.

8 – Lodie Loyal V898, 4500gns to 4500gns to AH Mackay, Strath Farm, Watten.

10 – Logie Evolution V907, 4200gns to Scottish Government Bull Stud.

16 – Craigowmill Prince V181, 2000gns to RI and SA Little, The Bogue, Dalry.

18 – Logie Principle V914, 3200gns to D McCormick, Blackrock Farm, Islay.

20 – Logie Karate Lad V918, 4000gns to Scottish Government Bull Stud.

24 – Idvies Pink Panther V878, 3200gns to E Hull, Turncole, Southminster.

25 – Tonley Allan V612, 6500gns to JP Gray, Unthank, Whittingham.

26 – Langstilly Jock Eric V946, 4500gns to F and D O’Shea, West Mains, Auchterarder.

29 – Logie Estate V935, 3500gns to E Hull, Turncole, Southminster.

30 – Idvies Frank V892, 11,000gns to Balgay Farms, Inchture.

31 – Rulesmains Kai V226, 11,000gns to JR Galloway, Cardona, Doune.

33 – Tonley Premier V616, 4200gns to M and S Wilson, Newbank, Beattock.

35 – Idvies Master Banbury V898, 6000gns to The Duke of Fife, Mains of Newhall, Newtonhill.


37 – Eilean Elevation V144, 6200gns to E Hull, Turncole, Southminster.

38 – Gordon Ponderosa V400, 7500gns to E Hull, Turncole, Southminster.

39 – Cardona Edwin V106, 6000gns to WSL Muir, Upper Onston, Orkney.

41 – Stouphill Major Primus V267, 10,500gns to W Manning, Dirnanean, Blairgowrie.

42 – Tonley Vintage V624, 5800gns to Tillyfour Farms, Wardes, Kintore.

43 – Tonley Errol V628, 7500gns to Gellan Farms, Mill of Gellen, Coul.

47 – Galcantray Mister Bond V283, 3000gns to R and E Wilson, Muircot, Tillicoultry.

49 – McCornick Duxford V571, 6200gns to Messrs Macmillan, Ballimartin, Islay.

52 – Wrae Proud Ignatius V372, 8000gns to J Elrick, Kiltryknock, Banff.


53 – Duncanziemere Jetstream V322, 12,000gns to NA Wattie, Mains of Tonley, Alford.

54 – Kilmaluag Jasper Eric V269, 4000gns to Claylands, Balfron.

55 – McCornick Evander V575, 7500gns to Holland Papay Ltd, Papa Westray.


56 – Rulesmains Lord Hugh V245, 11,500gns to J King, South Hill of Dripps, Thorntonhall.

58 – Stouphill Tyne V276, 5200gns to K Hall, North Farm, West Butsfield, Tow Law.

59 – Duncanziemere Proud Iceman V327, 6500gns to A King, Langstilly, Lochwinnoch.

60 – Galcantray Jedi Eric V278, 15,000gns to NF Massie and Sons, Blelack, and J and L Doyle, Cookstown, Co Tyrone.

61 – Mosston Muir Denver V394, 5000gns to Featherwood Partners, Otterburn.

62 – Stouphill Quarterback V280, 7200gns to Mitchell Farms, Newtonhead, Douglas.

63 – Kilmaluag Erinmore V272, 4200gns to JA Taylor, Skirling Craig, Biggar.

64 – Cardona Esteem V127, 6200gns to Scottish Government Bull Stud.

65 – Idvies Proud Icon V907, 7800gns to W McLaren, Muirhouses, Kirriemuir.


67 – Stouphill Erribol V284, 6000gns to M and G Barr, Meikle Kirkland, Crocketford.

70 – Blelack Lennox V987, 6500gns to The Duke of Fife, Mains of Newhall, Newtonhill.

72 – Stouphill Lord Romulus V288, 4500gns to TJ Neill, Howtel, Mindrum.

73 – Cardona Jewel Eric V135, 6500gns to S and J Fisher, Cleuchhead, Bonchester Bridge.

77 – Mosston Muir Ettrick V395, 5200gns to JH Stawhorn and Son, Dalmakethar.

78 – Thrunton Paramount V274, 4800gns to B and J Mackay, Skitten, Wick.

79 – Tonley Evan V650, 7500gns to A and A Foubister, Netherton, Orkney.

80 – Blelack Lord Hamlet V993, 6000gns to B and J Mackay, Skitten, Wick.

81 – Shawtonhill Napoleon V710, 3500gns to RKG Farms, Irelandton, Twynholm.

82 – Westdrums Paavo V198, 4000gns to E Hull, Turncole, Southminster.

83 – Gordon Picasso V448, 10,000gns to WAL Lawson, Scotsmill, Tullynessle.

86 – Tonley Electric V653, 5500gns to D Jeary, Hawthorn Farm, Briston.

93 – Gordon Phoenix V451, 10,000gns to GM Mitchell and Son, Hilton of Carslogie, Cupar.

95 – McCornick Evermore V642, 7800gns to JD Wilkinson, Inchkeith, Lauder.

96 – Raddery Jackflash Eric V245, 5000gns to D Walker, Galcantray, Cawdor.

97 – Cairnton Kind Gracious V450, 3000gns to Scottish Government Bull Stud.

98 – Newton Muchalls Echo V064, 4500gns to I and R Malcolm, Poltalloch, Kilmartin.

100 – Newbank Forman V335, 4500gns to AA Pittendrigh, North Cobbinshaw, West Calder.

102 – Shawtonhill Ezra V707, 5000gns to GT and S Coghill, Muce, Birsay.

103 – Blelack Evolve V000, 8000gns to Hugh Hodge, Glenshochie, Stanley.


104 – Fiddlehall Eric V034, 3800gns to RI and SA Little, The Bogue, Dalry.

107 – Duncanziemere Mr Bellman V347, 8000gns to GT and S Coghill, Muce, Birsay.


109 – Foxhill Domino V197, 6000gns to J and T MacPherson, Pitsundry, Bankfoot.


110 – Foxhill Duncan V198, 5000gns to HJ and IM Duncan, Lands of Drumhead, Balfron.


113 – Kilmaluag Jura Eric V275, 4500gns to JC Bell, Wilkieston, Cupar.

114 – Newhouse Express V782, 9000gns to J Herdman, Edlingham, Alnwick.


115 – Kingholm Blue Boy V253, 6000gns to E Hull, Turncole, Southminster.

116 – Eilean Excell V158, 3800gns to RKG Farms, Irelandton, Twynholm.

118 – Thrunton Pegasus V297, 6000gns to AB Young, Girvan Mains, Girvan.

120 – Ettrick Bluetooth V241, 8500gns to Huntlyhill Farms, Lanark.


121 – Harestone Eugene V278, 6000gns to ID Salmon, Mains of Logie, Montrose.

Females sold:

144 – Mosston Muir Ebony W402 – 2600gns

145 – Mosston Muir Ember W403 – 2600gns

149 –  McCornick Duchess V641 – 3200gns

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