Farmers Guardians Newest Marketplace FGBuyandSell

Farmers Guardians Newest Marketplace FGBuyandSell


Farmers Guardians Newest Marketplace FGBuyandSell:

Farmers Guardian’s newest marketplace is the perfect place to advertise stock to a dedicated audience. In these times of uncertainty, we here at Farmers Guardian understand how important it is for trade to continue. You can now list your lots from the society sales through your auctioneer on

Search from over 1500 weekly listings, from breeding cattle, used machinery and property.

Here’s 5 great reasons to use

1. It’s straightforward to post something on FGBuyandSell. With only a few clicks, your items can be online and ready for buyers to find!
2. We’re LAA approved, that means when you buy from an auctioneer through FGBuyandSell you’re protected by the LAA’s conditions of sale.
3. Our packages make it even easier to reach a wide audience. Choose from Online Only, Basic Package and Standard Packages.
• Online Only – Free 30-day online listing with up to 100 words and 2 pictures
• Basic Listing – This package allows you to reach an even wider audience by appearing in a 3×1 box in Farmers Guardian printed magazine for 7 days and 30-days online.
• Standard Listing – Maximise the reach of your advert by appearing in a 3×2 box in Farmers Guardian printed magazine for 7 days and 30-days online.
4. Video Classifieds – Want to show the buyer a more in-depth look at the item you’re selling? Add a YouTube video to your ad.
5. As a member of The Aberdeen-Angus Cattle society, we’re giving you £5 off your next advert on Simply add LAUNCH5 at checkout to claim your discount.

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