COVID-19 Outbreak Update – 24th March 2020

COVID-19 Outbreak Update – 24th March 2020


COVID-19 Outbreak Update 24th March 2020

Following the latest statement of the Government guidelines issued at 8.30pm on the 23rd March 2020 for all but essential services to stay at home we have been forced to revisit our planned course of action for the continuance of the business.

The office will be essentially unmanned from the close of business today 24th March 2020.
The staff are working at this point to a revised Rota of coming into the office to deal with essential tasks such as attending to post that arrives and dealing with matters arising from the post. This will be every other day and only long enough to cover the essential tasks, until such time as circumstances change further.

Complete lockdown which seems at this time to be the next stage of action that will possibly be introduced later this week when we will update you further.
It is an unprecedented set of circumstances that have led to this situation and no one can say how long this will be in place for going forward.

We have over the last 10 days been dealing with putting in place the infrastructure for everyone in the office to work from home effective from Monday this week. We have ironed out some of the creases that have appeared as we introduced this new way of working over the last two days. The last piece of this jigsaw is transferring the telephones this should be in place by Wednesday morning and all communication routes will be open.

The staff in Pedigree House are all committed to making this work as well as we can and also committed to thinking about everything that we do to streamline the transfer of information to the membership which we will keep you updated on as it happens.

In the current circumstances E-mail is by far our favoured method of communication and systems of electronic transfer of information to you will also be the most favoured route so please embrace this change and let’s make it work and the whole business work smarter going forward.

We are committed to delivering the best level of service that we can to you given the current circumstances that prevail; there are bound to be occasions where for reasons beyond our control we can’t. Please bear with us in our quest to take very seriously the Government’s instructions to “Stay Home” and we hope that everyone stays as safe and well as possible until we get through these difficult and trying times.

Barrie L. Turner
Chief Executive Officer


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