COVID 19 – Herdbook

COVID 19 – Herdbook


The Society has great sympathy with everyone as they struggle through the measures taken to date with the control of the inevitable spread of COVID 19 virus.

We have spent the last couple of days bringing a plan together in the event that the office is closed down or staffing levels reduced through self-isolation if required and as recommended by the Government, to try and ensure we maintain as normal service level to the membership as possible.

If you find yourself in a lockdown situation with lots of hours of spare time, Society could use your help, especially if you have access to copies of the earlier herd books and have Microsoft Office on your computer. The well documented Herd Book project being coordinated by Angus Smith in Aberdeenshire is entering all herd books onto a worksheet that will enable when completed a complete search back from a pedigree to Volume one. No need for any typing skills and just a few hours work to relieve the boredom of self-isolation! If you are proficient at typing and have any herd book between 87 and 110 contact Angus.

Contact:  [email protected]

or call Angus on 01466 711494 and he can get you started, he could use as much help as he can get to complete the task and deliver a very valuable and interesting addition to the herd book.

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