Changes to Registration Rules for Female Calves

Changes to Registration Rules for Female Calves


Changes to Registration Rules for Female Calves:

From January 2021 the rules for registering female calves have been brought in line with the procedure for males.

All calves must be intimated within 27 days of birth.

Calves can then be registered:

  • Up until 6 months of age for the standard fee – £25 + VAT.
  • Between 6 – 12 months for £50 + VAT.  After 12 months standard late fees will apply.

It is important that members remember to go back and register calves in plenty time before these cut off dates.  This should be done online as an UPGRADE INTIMATION TO REGISTRATION BATCH.

DNA tissue samples should be sent to the office as soon as possible after intimation.

Samples from male calves will be profiled on 50K SNPS and MYOSTATIN tested.

They will also be Sire Verified but only if the sire also has a SNPS profile.

For a full list of fees and charges and a comprehensive explanation of the rules please click here

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