Agreement paves way for trade with Kazakhstan

Agreement paves way for trade with Kazakhstan


Robert signing memorandum of understanding

Aberdeen-Angus cattle and genetics from the UK could soon be exported to Kazakhstan after breed representatives from both countries signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU).

The agreement between the Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society and the Republican Angus Chamber of Kazakhstan aims to facilitate the export of semen, embryos and eventually live Aberdeen-Angus cattle from the UK to Kazakhstan.

Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society chief executive, Robert Gilchrist, says the agreement is an exciting development for the breed.

“It shows that both parties want to work together to bring the original genetics from the home of the breed to Kazakhstan to help the country grow its beef industry,” says Mr Gilchrist.

“We already have a health certificate for semen and are working towards sending semen later this year, and the export health certificates for embryos are being developed. In time we will be sending live animals to Kazakhstan.”

As per the MOU, the Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society will introduce representatives from the Republican Angus Chamber of Kazakhstan, as well as breeders from the country to individual breeders and genetics companies in the UK.

The society will also arrange visits for Kazakh breeders to meet their counterparts in the UK and view their cattle, and vice-versa.

“This agreement highlights the work the society is doing to raise the breed’s profile around the world and open up new export markets for our members,” adds Mr Gilchrist.

“It’s paving the way for opportunities in the broader Eurasia region. On the back of this we have also recently had interest from breeders in Azerbaijan looking to access top Aberdeen-Angus genetics from the UK.

“It’s really welcome news and a positive development for the breed, while giving breeders in the UK more options to get their genetics abroad.”

Virtual signing of Kazakh

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