Aberdeen-Angus brand remains prominent on supermarket shelves

Aberdeen-Angus brand remains prominent on supermarket shelves


Aberdeen-Angus beef

New mystery shopper research has shown that British Aberdeen-Angus beef is the most prominent brand across premium supermarket meat ranges.

Analysis carried out by the Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society has revealed that the native breed is the beef of choice in the premium meat product lines across a range of supermarkets from Aldi and Asda, through to Waitrose and M&S.

Robert Gilchrist, The Society’s CEO says the findings of the mystery shopper research are incredibly encouraging and testament to the hard work Aberdeen-Angus farmers put in to producing beef with such a high meat-eating quality.

“It is especially reassuring to see such a strong brand presence in both discount retailers and the more high-end supermarkets,” he says.

“We’re proud to be able to fill the shelves at every price point.”

The research looked at eight of the main supermarkets in the UK and their own-brand premium lines of beef – looking specifically at burgers, steaks, mince, and roasting joints – to investigate whether a breed was specified and its country of origin. [i]

Aldi, Asda, Waitrose and Marks & Spencer all represented a strong brand presence of Aberdeen-Angus across their premium labels, and positively all the participating supermarkets at least boasted British beef.

The mystery shopper research showcased that Aberdeen-Angus beef was prominently labelled across Aldi’s entire premium line of burgers, steaks and roasting joints.

Mr Gilchrist says this is particularly encouraging because a recent AHDB report shows discount supermarkets – including Aldi – are set to grow their market share by 23.9% over the next five years, making it the fastest and largest growth of any grocery channel. [ii]

“It’s fantastic to see retailers supporting not only British farmers, but also our favourite native breed,” says Mr Gilchrist

“This should be hugely reassuring for farmers that our breed is recognised as the number one brand by consumers.”

He adds: “It’s also incredibly promising that the most recent British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS) results, which show Aberdeen-Angus as the most popular registered breed in the UK, are being reflected on supermarket shelves.”

[i] Mystery shopper research

Analysis of eight supermarkets’ premium meat product lines, focusing on beef burgers, steaks, mince and roasting joints

Supermarkets visited between September 5th to 9th 2022: Aldi, Lidl, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and Marks & Spencer.

Key findings:

50% of supermarkets in the study sold Aberdeen-Angus mince.

50% of supermarkets in the study sold Aberdeen-Angus burgers.

50% of supermarkets in the study sold Aberdeen-Angus steaks.

12.5% of supermarkets in the study sold Aberdeen-Angus roasting joints.

[ii] https://ahdb.org.uk/news/consumer-insight-discounters-have-highest-ever-share-as-shoppers-trade-down-stores

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