A quicker reminder for those selling at Stirling in February 2024

A quicker reminder for those selling at Stirling in February 2024


Stirling Feb 2023


United Auctions have published the timetable for the early spring sales, which can be found on their website and can also be downloaded at the link below.  Please be aware of the important Aberdeen Angus parts of the programme as follows:

Inspection:  Saturday 3rd February – 9.45am
Show:          Sunday 4th February  – 9am (females followed by bulls)
Sale:            Monday 5th February – 10am (bulls) followed by females in ring 2

See the full programme here.

Society Sale Requirements

A full note of the Society’s sale requirements is available at the link below.  Some of the highlights are as follows:


All bulls and led females should be forward for vet inspection at the appropriate time.  Vet inspection will consist of scrotal measurement (bulls only), teeth, eyes and eartags.  Please be aware of your lot number when heading to inspection.

Following the vet inspection, animals will be weighed and checked to see that each meet the minimum weight for age – please see the link below for a full list of age/minimum weight.

Performance Recording pen cards will be available at weighing.

Neck numbers will be available at the inspection crush.

See weight for age table here.

See Society sale requirements here.

Herd health

Pen Cards

Please note that all vendors are expected to display their herd health pen cards for all individual animals.  Herd Health Pen Cards are available from your Health Scheme Provider and it is advisable to give plenty of time when ordering.  BVD vaccination date(s) should be supplied and printed on the cards, where appropriate.

IBR Testing and Vaccination

Vendors are reminded that from May 2023 onward it is a requirement that all animals are individually tested for IBR ahead of the sale.  Any animal that tests positive for IBR should be appropriately vaccinated ahead of the sale.

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