Youth to the fore at the 2019 YDP final!

Youth to the fore at the 2019 YDP final!


Every year, our talented and hard-working youngsters turn out in their numbers to take part in our Youth Development Programme which culminates with the much-anticipated final in the Autumn time. This year’s final is just around the corner, taking place at Shrewsbury next Saturday 29th September where the finalists will compete in the junior, intermediate and senior sections to take home prizes for their great efforts.

On the day, there will be a selection of educational seminars as always, giving our participants some great insights into certain areas within the industry which will prove greatly beneficial to them moving forward int heir careers.  After the seminars in the morning, participants will begin the final in the afternoon. The senior participants will be judged on a panel interview, clipping and dressing an animal, stock judging and ring craft. The intermediates will be judged on a presentation entitled ‘What is the value in showing?’, dressing and clipping a head of an animal, stock judging and ring craft. The juniors will then be judged on stock judging, dressing an animal and ring craft. The intermediate presentation is new for 2018, as a means of bringing a new challenge to those aged between 14 and 18.

Speaking ahead of next Saturday’s final, YDP co-ordinator gayle Bersey said:

”As is always the case, the competition has been great this year with just short of 300 participants signing up for the programme which goes to show how valued and enjoyable it is for the young people. I can’t wait to see these guys in action during what will be another great final!”

The judges on the day will be Richard Rettie and Dennis Gall for the clipping and dressing, Mary Reynolds for ring craft and William McElroy for stock judging, with panel interview still being finalised. We’re very excited for the event and look forward to holding another great final. We would like to send our best wishes to all participating and a thank you to everyone who has participated in the programme throughout the year – another great year for our YDP which is a great initiative that we will continue to grow through other activities such as our Future Leaders programme which we will be telling you much more about in the coming weeks.