The World Angus Forum is finally upon us!

The World Angus Forum is finally upon us!


We are only one day away from the start of the highly-anticipated World Angus Forum 2017. The event which presents a magnificent opportunity to bring breed enthusiasts together from a fantastic array of locations from all over the world is finally upon us.

Our President and the Chair of the Forum, Alex Sanger has had his say on the prestigious event:

“This World Forum will take us on a journey, geographically, historically and with a view to the future. We’ll share in acknowledging the vast history and heritage associated to the Aberdeen-Angus breed, before looking at its future, which I’m sure we can all agree is very, very bright. People have travelled hundreds of miles to experience the Aberdeen-Angus breed in its home, before taking their learnings and enthusiasms home with them to help spread the word and the development of the breed overseas

We can’t wait for what will be a wonderful few weeks full of learning, sharing of experiences and having great fun with our friends who share the same passion and excitement for our great breed.”

The World Forum will kick off tomorrow with the English Tour which will run until the 20th June, taking in a number of herd visits as well as the Royal Three Counties Show, before heading on to Edinburgh for the official World Angus Forum programme, along with national tours of Scotland and England.

A lot of work has gone in to the organisation of the event behind the scenes, and we’re delighted for it to finally be upon us! We look forward to sharing a great time with you all from now until the Forum ends on the 2nd July, and long in to the future.