Successful Aberdeen-Angus breeding system from Germany to Eastern-Europe

Successful Aberdeen-Angus breeding system from Germany to Eastern-Europe


The awareness of our breed for the value of our food is continually changing, something that is seen across the world. It’s no longer only the ‑ final product “food” that will be critically questioned by the
consumer, but also the production of our food.” says Samuel Widmer, CEO of ANGUS Group. In this
context the European beef market is facing a significant transformation.

Many people today are willing to pay a reasonable price for beef traceability and guaranteed
quality. “We are confident that this trend will continue in the future. ­ We have been fulfilling the changing requirements of the consumer for the end product BEEF, for years!

Quality was our philosophy from the beginning.” says Bernhard Delle, CEO of ANGUS Group.
When it comes to breeding, fattening and marketing of Aberdeen-Angus cattle, ANGUS Group can help develop systems to keep breeders up to date with consumer demand. ­

“At ANGUS Group we are not theoreticians, but experienced practitioners! In the past years,
we have built in Gundelfingen (Germany) and Sibiu (Romania), a notable breeding, fattening and
trading establishment together that has a highly successful international genetic. All ANGUS Group partners benefit from the experience gained by us in all these areas.”

The ANGUS Groupoffers a whole range of services and activities to support the production
system of Angus cattle, starting with an analysis of the potential project, identification of success factors, infrastructure, business plan, investment calculation needed to set up the project.

­The second step in its consulting service is planning and designing the Angus breeding, fattening and marketing operation with all the necessary support in the inception phase. Afterwards comes the delivery of genetics, of Angus cattle to build up the breeding herd with support and advice in all aspects of production of Angus Premium Beef (pastures, feeding, production processes, security, quality assurance, infrastructure, administration, etc.).

­The last phase of the project consulting refers to the identification of trading markets with the specialisation on breeding and/or fattening, assistance in marketers, slaughterhouses and meat processors having highest quality standards.