Stored semen and myostatin status

Stored semen and myostatin status


Do you have semen stored either in your own tank or with any of the major AI companies?

If the answer is yes then you really should get the bull’s Myostatin status defined.  The Society continues to receive enquiries from members who intend to AI cows or flush cows for an ET programme asking if we know a particular bull’s Myostatin status.

It is the Society’s policy to post Myostatin results on the web when they are known. Of the 85 bulls on the Society’s Semen For Sale list on the web, only 8 have had their Myostatin status verified. If this percentage was replicated over all AI Bulls then there is clearly a lack of information available to potential buyers of semen.

It is in your interests and that of your customers to have the semen which you have in store tested.  Please call the office at any time and we will make the necessary arrangements.