Store Sale round-up

Store Sale round-up


The recent Aberdeen-Angus store sales have been a resounding success, with trade going through the roof, so we have summarised the sale results for your viewing.

Harrison & Hetherington, St Boswells

The impressive showing kicked off at Harrison & Hetherington, St Boswells, with the Aberdeen-Angus native bred cattle sale. This annual sale saw an exceptional show of 851 cattle entering the ring, met with a buoyant trade throughout the whole sale. The day’s trade was topped by a fantastic Aberdeen-Angus bullock from Ms Weir, Cortleferry, realising £1,510. The pence per kilo was topped by a pen of heifers from Nisbet Mill’s Consignment at 290.5p per kilo, before the same home topped the bullock section with a pen of 12 bullocks at 279.3p per kilo.

Leading prices per kilo for Aberdeen-Angus were as follows:


–          279.3p Nisbet Mill

–          272.7p Blackburnrigg

–          270.3p Blackburnrigg

–          269.1p Nisbet Mill


–          290.5 Nisbet Mill

–          284p Cocklawfoot

–          267.1p Shoestanes

–          257.4p Nisbet Mill

Caledonian Marts, Stirling

The magnificent trade continued on to the sale of native bred store cattle at Caledonian Marts, Stirling where 89 Aberdeen-Angus bullocks averaged 246p per kilo selling to 271p per kilo from Billy Andrew, Oaklea, Ayr and to £940 gross from Argaty. Additionally, 56 Aberdeen-Angus heifers averaged 214p per kilo, which is + 19p per kilo on the previous year, selling to 230p per kilo (twice) from M C McDonald & Co, Beachmeanach, Tayinloan and B R Bayley, Midton, Airdrie and to £1,030 from W Erskine, Woodcockdale, Linlithgow.

Leading prices per kilo for Aberdeen-Angus were as follows:


–          263p & 261p Beachmeanach

–          259p Argaty

–          257p Low Peninver

–          256p & 248p Gartnagrenach

–          246p Midton & Ifferdale


–          231p Midton

–          230p Beachmeanach

–          220p Argaty

Aberdeen & Northern Marts, Thainstone

Trade of Aberdeen-Angus and native-sired store cattle was described as ‘electric’ throughout this sale of 837 at Thainstone, where averages were well up on the previous year. Judge Jim Fowlie picked out a 16-month-old bullock from H and I Sinclair, Braehead, Cairnton as the Champion, later backing up this decision by buying his Champion for £1,400. The trade was topped at £1,405 by a trio of Aberdeen-Angus cross bullocks weighing 660kg from Mains of Pitlurg, Keith.

Leading prices per kilo for Aberdeen-Angus were as follows:


–          282p Whiteley

–          275.6p Suquoy

–          270.8p Score Farm

–          266p Birdslint


–          250p Suquoy

–          248.5p Cairnton

–          245.8p Braebuster

–          235.3p Birdslint

As can be seen above, recent trade for Aberdeen-Angus sired cattle at store sales have produced some magnificent returns, which is an indication of the demand the breed is experiencing.  

We look forward to providing a round-up from some of the other parts of the country next week.