SRUC Beef Research Stakeholder Event: Monday 3rd October 2016

SRUC Beef Research Stakeholder Event: Monday 3rd October 2016


Farmers who have been involved in or have an interest in SRUC projects about feed efficiency and/or greenhouse gases from beef systems have the opportunity to attend the SRUC Beef Research Stakeholder Event on Monday 3rd October 2016 at Easter Howgate Farm, Bush Estate, Edinburgh. This is a great opportunity for Aberdeen-Angus breeders given the Society’s current work in various FCE trials.

Topics covered at the meeting will be addressing the following: 

  • Overview of industry challenges and opportunities
  • National breeding programme for feed efficiency
  • Markers or proxies for feed efficiency
  • Animal health and livestock system efficiency
  • Precision livestock farming technologies to increase efficiency
  • Diet and additive effects on methane emissions

Please respond to the following email by Tuesday 20th September if you plan to attend: [email protected]


  • Start time: 10.30am (coffee) for 11am
  • 11am to 1pm: short presentations of work at locations around the farm
  • 1pm: lunch (served at the farm)
  • 2pm: forum to discuss beef research priorities and opportunities
  • Finish time: 3pm