Research: Treatment of Calf Scour in Scotland

Research: Treatment of Calf Scour in Scotland


We have been contacted by Niall Boyd, a student from the University of Glasgow who is conducting a study into the treatment of calf scour in Scotland. We are calling all our members to benefit the study and aid Niall’s research by kindly completing the questionnaire available at:

 All participants will be kept anonymous and by participating in the questionnaire you give your consent for your data to be used for the purpose of this study by the University of Glasgow. Your time and help is very much appreciated. 

For more information, or any questions about the study then please contact, Niall Boyd by emailing [email protected]

The project entails comparing the treatment practices of both farmers and veterinarians across Scotland to those recommended in new scientific studies to see if the methods used in practice are actually the most effective. The aim of the study is to compare all the methods to the relevant scientific literature to help improve treatment practices across Scotland. The results from the study will then be compared with those from several other European countries to help European veterinary science as a whole.