Paul Jeenes announced as Junior Vice President – plus this week’s news highlights from the Society

Paul Jeenes announced as Junior Vice President – plus this week’s news highlights from the Society


We are delighted to inform you that Paul Jeenes, former President of the Society, has been co-opted to Council to fill the position of Junior Vice President (as per section 22 of the Articles of Association).

We are pleased to fill this position with someone who has the necessary drive and passion for our great breed. This appointment completes our presidential team in time for the World Angus Forum and puts us in a great position to serve our members to the standards you deserve.

Careful thought and discussion, has gone into this appointment for Junior Vice President and we welcome having Paul join the team. Paul’s experience as a Past President of the Society means he already has vast knowledge about our history, our values and our ways of working and knows what he is coming into. Equally important to this is the knowledge of the meat industry that Paul can offer, as a well-respected figure in the industry for several years.  He is a director of Pedigree Cattle Services and farms in his own right.

We trust that you will all share in our delight at this appointment, and we look forward to working closely with Paul in the immediate future and beyond. In the meantime, here’s to a successful sale at Stirling on Monday!

This week’s other news:

  • The annual Gigginstown production sale for Michael O’Leary, Gigginstown House, Mullingar was a great success, seeing a total 100% clearance on the day with a total average price of just over €3,300 recorded across the bull and heifer sections. View the full story here:
  • The Soutar family of the Dunlouise Herd are currently gearing up for a Celebration Sale of females, calves, young bulls and embryos, to be staged on farm at Kingston, Forfar on Monday 26th June at 1.30 pm. Read more about the Soutars, the Dunlouise herd and the event here:
  • We heard from the latest member of the youth competition for this year’s World Angus Forum, Brandon Brockett. Brandon has a slightly different background to the other team members, having gained his experience working on city farms in the London area. You can read more about Brandon and hear his reaction to making the team here:
  • Finally, we’re looking forward to the Stirling Spring Show and Sale on Monday at Stirling Agricultural Centre – we’re sure it’s going to be a brilliant day.

On a separate note:

Having received a call today from Angus Stovold of the Rosemead herd, he was informed that it is only seven weeks now until we will be there for the opening of the World Angus Forum, at which point he stated he’s not quite ready yet! The Forum is coming around fast, the countdown has begun!

From everyone at the Society, have a lovely weekend.