New Member: Nick Mellin and the Jacobs Herd

New Member: Nick Mellin and the Jacobs Herd


With our brand and Breed growing every day it is always nice to stop and take the time to get to know more about some of our wonderful members! It’s great to see our membership growing daily and we encourage anybody who is considering joining the breed to please do so and if you would like to find out more about anything then feel free to get in touch! This week we take the time to get to know one of our newest members, Nick Mellin from Pendle, Lancashire who operates the Jacobs herd. We find out about his background, how he got involved with the breed and what his aspirations are for the future.

What is the background of your herd?

“The Jacobs herd was first created when I bought two flushes from Phil Halhead at Norbeck genetics, this resulted in 15 grade A eggs and we managed to get 9 pregnancies. Since then, the first 4 have calved with 1 giving twin bull calves! We now have a total of 4 bulls and 1 heifer. We are based in Pendle, Lancashire and our small herd first began when our first calve was born on the 18th of June earlier this year.”

How did you get involved with Aberdeen-Angus?

“I first got involved with the Aberdeen-Angus breed when I used to sell beef over the counter from my father’s butcher shop over 10 years ago. We used to breed Belgian Blues and show cattle up and down the country. When I left school, I developed an interest in looking for the best traditional beef, I wanted something special to sell to customers, something with marbling and more flavour! I understood that fat covering helped the beef age well, as well as making it much softer and juicier. I tried all sorts; Shorthorn, Longhorn, Dexter, Belted Galloway, Welsh Black, but I must admit, all the breeds did eat well but my personal preference was Aberdeen-Angus. Since then I have sold Aberdeen-Angus beef in a variety of ways, over the counter; in shops; direct to customer through mail order. I have also wholesaled aged primals to other wholesalers and retailers – all of which received great feedback. To date I have sourced Aberdeen-Angus beef direct from farmers and from main beef producers in the UK. Last year I decided to start my own herd, but instead of investing in mature breeding stock I decided to go down the ET route and rear calves.” 

How did you get involved with cattle in general?

“I have always been involved with cattle ever since I was young. My father was a hobby farmer as well as a butcher. I spent much of my time as a boy growing up with my father working in the butcher shop or spending time down at the farm.”

Any notable achievements at shows and sales?

“My most notable achievement to date would be at the Gisburn Auction Christmas Fastback Show and Sale in the year 2000. I was around 12 years old at the time and I managed to clean up, winning 1st in class, Young Farmers Champion, Female Champion and Overall Champion – I remember as a youngster the amazing feeling of winning all these awards. This is definitely the most memorable achievement to date that I will never forget. It definitely tops all of the other commercial championship prizes I have won at shows.”

What is your current focus and future ambition for your herd?

“My current focus for my herd is to continue to rear excellent beef cattle and to expand my herd. I am always looking for new suppliers of finished beef and if there was anyone interested, then feel free to get in touch!

I eventually would like to establish my own beef brand using the Aberdeen-Angus sired cattle I have – this is something I have dreamt of doing ever since I was young. I would love to eventually have my own established shop and website and to be listed on the menu at the UK’s best restaurants. 

Is there anything else you have an interest in?

“I have always had a passion for food, I love eating out with friends and family! I think my passion for food stems from a young age, I have always liked going out and trying different foods and meats. My time working over the counter at my father’s butchers gave me an eye for looking for the right type of meat!”

We would like to thank Nick for taking the time to speak to us! It is always great to hear from members new or old! We wish Nick a warm welcome to the Society and wish him all the best in his future endeavours!