NE England Calf Show 2017 results

NE England Calf Show 2017 results


Here are the full results from the 2017 North East of England Calf Show, judged by Andrew Shufflebotham of Cheerbrook Angus:

Bull born in 2016

1st Retties Mr Bates S371 Mr and Mrs Rettie

Heifer born in 2016

1st Yearsley Royal Lady S239 Mr and Mrs Johnson

2nd Tree Bridge Jena S632 Mr and Mrs Evans

3rd Cragg Lady Lilita S135 Miss J Swires

4th Tree Bridge Polly Perkins S626 Mr and Mrs Evans

Yearling champ: Yearsley Royal Lady S239

Reserve: Tree Bridge Jena S632

Bull born between 1.1.17 and 28.2.17

1st Oak Moor Wizard Ms G Guttery

2nd Yearsley Black Vogue T283 Mr and Mrs Johnson

3rd Yearsley Fire Music T275 Mr and Mrs Johnson

4th Retties Lovable Rogue T399 Mr and Mrs Rettie

Bull born on or after 1.3.17

1st Liley Gamble T255 Marsden Farms

2nd Tree Bridge Everest T642 Mr and Mrs Evans

3rd Yearsley Mighty Balloo T289 Mr and Mrs Johnson

Bull calf champion: Oak Moor Wizard T343

Reserve: Liley Gamble T255

Heifer born between 1.1.17 and 31.1.17

1st Liley Ellen Erica T250 Marsden Farms

2nd Retties Ruisseau T391 Mr and Mrs Rettie

3rd Retties Lady Rose T394 Mr and Mrs Rettie

4th Yearsley Ester Anne T271 Mr and Mrs Johnson

Heifer born on or after 1.2.17

1st Oak Moor Wella T342 Ms Guttery

2nd Blackrodian Evita T190 Master W Ashworth

3rd Tree Bridge Ethel T651 Mr and Mrs Evans

4th Calton Princess T304 Foster family

heifer calf champion: Liley Ellen Erica T250

Reserve: Retties Ruisseau T391

Overall calf: Liley Ellen Erica T250

Reserve: Retties Ruisseau T391

Ben Marsden then lifted the reserve interbreed championship behind the Charolais.

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