NADIS – Parasite Forecast and Disease Alert – January

NADIS – Parasite Forecast and Disease Alert – January


Parasite Forecast
Lice and Sheep Scab
NADIS publishes a monthly Parasite Forecast for farmers and livestock keepers, based on detailed Met Office data. The Parasite Forecast outlines the parasitic challenge facing cattle and sheep in the different UK regions. This month’s webinar focuses on the Fluke Forecast for cattle and sheep, roundworms in store lambs and cattle and external parasites of sheep.

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Disease Alert
Digital Dermatitis
Housing can be a difficult time to keep cows feet clean, and increased exposure to slurry can be a significant risk factor for Digital dermatitis, an increasingly common cause of lameness. As lambing time approaches, it’s also a good time to get organised and review standard operating procedures with seasonal staff. In this webinar James Aitken, of Orchard Veterinary Group in Glastonbury, discusses these two important topics and how best manage them.

 Disease Alert January