Lindsay Johnstone: My WAF memories

Lindsay Johnstone: My WAF memories


We told you last week about two lovely letters we received from Jessica and Lindsay Johnstone from New Zealand, telling us about their memories from their time here in the summer for the World Angus Forum. We brought you Jessica’s great letter last week, so now here is her brother Lindsay, also known as the ‘Kiwi kid’ during his time here, with his take on a great few weeks during the World Angus Forum:

‘’Hello, I am Lindsay Johnstone, who became known as the Kiwi kid. My sister and I were lucky enough to attend the Aberdeen-Angus World Forum with my family.

Initially I was surprised at the size of the Angus cattle because in New Zealand the cattle are of a lot smaller. But I soon adjusted to them and enjoyed visiting the different farms and show rings.

I really enjoyed the bus drivers’ company and when I had had enough of looking at cattle or needed some down time, I went back and chatted with the drivers. They were very kind and helped cheer me up when I was feeling down because I got very tired as a result of getting up extremely early in the morning and then going to bed very late at night, but those long bus journeys helped me catch up with some sleep. I was really impressed with some of the places they had to take the buses as they were really challenging but they always managed to get the buses through.


During the WAF tour I got to go to some amazing places that have left a huge impression on me. I never really understood how New Zealand was such a young country until I got to visit the different castles and farms around UK & Ireland, and heard about their age or how many generations had lived on these properties. I especially enjoyed the tours through the JCB factory, Titanic Museum and Guinness Distillery. It was amazing how everything worked and how robots are being introduced into the factories.  

KiwiKid4 KiwiKid3

Thanks to the WAF committee for organising an awesome tour that gave me an incredible insight in to so many different places. You made sure I was very well fed and the food was very filling and tasty, and I loved having water on the buses as it was so hot. So thanks for the Highland Spring water sponsors. This trip has left me with a life time of memories & a lot of new friends. I feel privileged how everyone accepted me. Once again thank you very much.

Lindsay Johnstone (The Kiwi kid)’’

We’d like to thank Lindsay for his kind words, it’s wonderful to know that you had such a good time whilst visiting us and have made some great friends and memories. Thank you to Lindsay and the full family for spending the World Angus Forum with us, it was our pleasure!