Laura Barwick runs the London Marathon

Laura Barwick runs the London Marathon


Laura Barwick currently works as a Livestock Scheme Manager with Harrison & Hetherington at Borderway Mart in Carlisle, location for a selection of Society sales and events throughout the year. Originally coming from a beef and arable farm in the Scottish Borders, she now lives on her partner’s family dairy farm outside Lockerbie. On the 22nd April, Laura will be running the London Marathon to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, a very worthy cause. The Society will be donating a history book as a raffle prize, and if you’d like to sponsor Laura, you can do so at:

Here is some more insight into Laura’s background and her decision to take on the challenge of the London Marathon!

Are you a runner?

‘’I am most certainly not a born runner, I absolutely hated running at school! I first started back in 2014 when my friend introduced me to Parkrun. I ran on and off, never really committing fully to it and generally just being a bit lazy, then suddenly something clicked in late 2015 and I started to “enjoy” running and improving with every run. 2016 saw me run my first proper trained for 10K and I just grew in confidence, completing numerous Parkruns from Edinburgh to Carlisle to London, and the newly introduced Dumfries Parkrun, I even joined a local Sweatshop running club near where I lived in Edinburgh. 2017 saw me complete my first half marathon, training and completing the Edinburgh Marathon Festival Half Marathon with my friend Louise. 2018 will be the year of the marathon for me, If someone had said to me at the start of my journey back in 2014 that I would be running the London Marathon in less than 12 weeks’ time I would have laughed in their face… yet here we are! I’m by no means the best runner, but I enjoy it and I can’t wait to savour the feelings of London!’’

Is this your first marathon?

‘’Yes, this will be my first… I’ll let you know afterwards whether it will be both my first and last!’’

How has the training gone?

‘’Once my place was secured for the marathon I started general training back in November and have been following a steady build up plan comprising of 2 shorter runs and 1 longer run per week – currently running around 20miles a week as well as training and playing hockey for Dumfries Ladies Hockey Club 2nds. I am introducing regular sports physio also to keep everything right and I am making the most of all the carbs you need to run at this training level!’’

Why did you choose to support the Multiple Sclerosis Society (MS Society)?

‘’I chose to support the MS Society because I feel they are such a worthwhile charity that deserves some limelight! I have a few friends affected by the disease of varying degree and I hope in this modern era funds can be raised to help cure this disease or at least give those affected a better outlook.’’

We wish Laura all the best and look forward to hearing how she gets on!