Heifers and bulls wanted

Heifers and bulls wanted


Aberdeen-Angus heifers and bulls wanted:

Lithuanian joint-stock company “Lietuvos veislininkystė” are interested in purchasing Aberdeen-Angus heifers and bulls from Scotland. The specific requests for what they are interested in include:

1.Registered in the main section of breeding book (grade A).
2.Black in colour, no white spots, registered in breeding boo.
3.Birth weight up to 43 Kg.
4.Weight at weaning 230 Kg at least.
5.Weight at age 12 months is 420 Kg at least.
6.Parents must have been tested.
7.Exterior of animal should typical to the breed, without visible defects.

The request: 30 heifers and 1 bull. They would like to be given pricing options by the following age groups: just weaned, 12 months and pregnant.

If you can help, please get in touch with Stanislovas Bavaras at [email protected].