Gretnahouse sell at 10,000gns

Gretnahouse sell at 10,000gns


Lifting a run of trade again was Alasdair Houston selling Gretnahouse Prince Cool N623 (lot 234) for 10,000gns to the Fraser family. Another by Mac Elvis K085, he’s out of a Blelack Black Gold C717 daughter and carries a milk figure of +15 and a SRI of +40. 

Then Richard and Carol Rettie have sold thier Summer national Show male champion Billinge Magic Dynamic N239 (lot 237) for 4500gns. By Rawburn Transformer, he’s out of a Rawburn Enigma G653 daughter and also carries a SRI of +64.

Martin McCornick has sold MacCornick Daredevil N912 for 4800gns. By Rawburn Edge J983, he’s out of a Lord Ross daughter and has a SRI of +52 and TSI of +44, along with a milk figure of +12. 

Selling at 4000gns was the next from John Elliot who has just sold Rawburn Elmon N786 (lot 252). By Skaill Eddie L434, he’s out of a Rawburn Randolp F555. 

The Massie family have then sold the second placed Blelack Explosion N153 (lot 243) for 10,000gns. Another Peter Pershore son, he’s out opf the HF Richochet 99F daughter blelack Evora Z491, dam of sons to 28,000gns.

243 Blelack Explosion N153 10000 7972

Straight after at 6500gns was Murray Lyle selling Logan Bar David N842 (lot 244) for 6500gns. This one is home bred on both sides and is by Logan Bar Dropgoal J653. Then following was Andrew Hodge’s first place Rulesmains Eathen N437 (lot 246) has gone at 5800gns. By Rawburn Effortless H804, he’s out of a Rommel daughter and carries a milk figure of +19.

246 Rulesman Eathen N437 8172

Then going at 6200gns to Terry Coghill was Neil and Graeme Massie with Blelack Blacklock N161 (lot 250). Again by Egotist, he’s out of a Peter Pershore daughter.  Then at 4000gns John Elliot sold Rawburn Elmon N786 (lot 252) for 4000gns. By Skaill Eddie L434 he’s out of a Randolph daughter. 

At 6000gns and selling to Robinson Farms was the Oakchurch Field Marshall L143 son Lakewood Defender N156 (lot 259). This one is out of a Transformer daughter and carries a SRI of +48. 

Back in the action selling for 7000gns was Messrs Bruce with Logie Lancer N404 (lot 262).By Rawburn Enoch L309, he’s out of a Nightingale D’arcy daughter.

262 Logie Lancer N404 8197

The next fromt he same home, Logie Powerhouse N407 (lot 265) went at 4000gns. This one is an Idvies Kollar J431