Full results: Youth Development Programme Final 2017

Full results: Youth Development Programme Final 2017


We had a magnificent day last weekend at the annual YDP final, and are looking forward to bringing you a detailed news piece on the event early next week. In the meantime, we’d like to extend our congratulations to all the prize winners, which are listed below:



1st –  Andrew Hamill, Northern Ireland

2nd – Kerris Richards, Cornwall

3rd – Amy Simmers, Aberdeenshire

4th – Alexander Crombie, Perthshire

Cattle Dressing:

1st –  Anna Clark, Ayrshire

2nd – Kirsty Campbell, Scottish Borders

3rd – Kirsty Clark, Ayrshire

4th – Mason Moore, Norfolk


1st –  Kian Frain, Cornwall

2nd – Andrew Hamill, Northern Ireland

3rd – Mason Moore, Norfolk

4th – Anna Clark, Ayrshire


Overall Junior winner – Andrew Hamill




1st –  Lottie Hill, Somerset

2nd –  Catherine Smyth, Republic of Ireland

3rd – Donald MacLean, Hampshire

4th – David Rea, Northern Ireland

Cattle Dressing:

1st –  Andrew Adam, Angus

2nd – Donald MacLean, Hampshire

3rd – Lottie Hill, Somerset

4th –  Seonaid McLaren, Perthshire


1st –  Graeme Rhind, Aberdeenshire

2nd – Donald MacLean, Hampshire

3rd – Edward Scott, Angus

4th –  Andrew Adam, Angus


Overall Intermediate winner – Donald MacLean




1st – Calum Smith, Ayrshire

2nd – Eoin Cummings, Perthshire

3rd – Ashleigh Fenwick, Yorkshire & Charlie MacLean, Hampshire

Cattle Dressing:

1st –  Mark Wattie, Aberdeenshire

2nd – Angus MacLean, Hampshire

3rd – Joe Clark, Bucks

4th – Eoin Cummings, Perthshire


1st – Eoin Cummings, Perthshire

2nd – Mark Wattie, Aberdeenshire

3rd – Joe Clark, Bucks

4th – James Rea, Northern Ireland

Panel Interview:

1st –  Angus MacLean, Hampshire

2nd – Calum Smith, Ayrshire

3rd – Eoin Cummings, Perthshire, Ashleigh Fenwick, Yorkshire & Mark Wattie, Aberdeesnshire

4th – Charlie MacLean, Hampshire


Overall Senior winner – Eoin Cummings