Dungannon Show and Sale: results

Dungannon Show and Sale: results


Here is the Aberdeen-Angus results from the Dungannon Show and Sale that took place on 5th December 2017, with all photography from a great day included.

Venue: Dungannon Farmers’ Mart

Judge: Dessie Mackey, Lisburn

Male champion: Fiona Troughton’s Tullybryan Black Brexit S906.

Dgn Angus 1x

Reserve male champion: Moses Irwin Jnr’s Denamona Petershore S833

Dgn Angus 2x

Female champion: Freddie Davidson’s Ember Princess Lil S144.

Dgn Angus 5x

Reserve female champion: Richard and Fiona McKeown’s Ashvale Blackbelle S972.

Dgn Angus 3x

Class 1 – Bull, born between 15/02/16 and 07/04/16 – 1, Ian Colville, Taugh Blane Victor S402 by The Moss Quebec K027; 2, Ian Colville, Taugh Blane Blackbird S365 ET by Rawburn Boss Hogg N630; 3, Ian Colville, Taugh Blane Blacksmith S317 by Thrunton Rocket L282.

Class 2 – Bull, born between 14/04/16 and 10/06/16 – 1, Moses Irwin Jnr, Denamona Petershore S833 by Netherallan Peter Pershore E052; 2, Kevin McOscar, Island Farm Rollover S261 by Gear Fury N290; 3, Sam and Sarah Matchett, Birches Alan S135 by Carrigroe Fred.

Dgn Angus 6x

Birches Alan S135.

Class 3 – Bull, born between 16/06/16 and 30/09/16 – 1, Fiona Troughton, Tullybryan Black Brexit S906 by Bunlahy John G; 2, Neville Forsythe, Coltrim Elton S583 by Oakchurch Duster M109; 3, Adrian Parke, Coolermoney Ralf S611 by Retties JFK M195.

Class 4 – Female, born between 20/02/16 and 17/05/16 – 1, Freddie Davidson, Ember Princess Lil S144 by Birches Lord John M052; 2, Richard and Fiona McKeown, Ashvale Blackbelle S972 by Woodvale Kool Jaguar P633; 3, Richard and Fiona McKeown, Ashvale Victoria S961 by Cardona Jewel Eric M826.

Class 5 – Female, born between 24/09/16 and 09/02/17 – 1, Neville Forsythe, Coltrim Evana S701 by Coltrim Patrick P056.