Congratulations to Anne Morrison

Congratulations to Anne Morrison


Everyone at the Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society would like to extend a huge congratulations to Anne Morrison, who was recently recognised for the great work she’s done when she received the prestigious Belfast Telegraph Cup award for outstanding agricultural achievement.

Perthshire-born Anne is well known in the dairy farming industry as a former milk inspector, and her love for Aberdeen-Angus cattle started as more of an extra-curricular activity than work-based. Anne says that it’s thanks to her Scottish roots that she has felt such an affinity to the breed over the years and therefore has always been committed to nurturing and developing the breeding of Aberdeen-Angus, in Northern Ireland in particular.

Having been one of the original founders, Anne is now the secretary and non-executive director of Aberdeen Angus Quality Beef (AAQB) Ltd., with whom she’s worked tirelessly to encourage farmers to breed these great cattle for a number of years now.

Anne was presented with her award by Barclay Bell, president of the Ulster Farmers Union, who was quoted as saying:

‘’For over 20 years Anne has been a driving force behind the promotion and marketing of Aberdeen-Angus beef in Northern Ireland. Anne has worked hard to build relationships with meat processors and retailers, such as Foyle Meats and Tesco, on behalf of the co-operative and has been instrumental in recruiting AAQB members.’’

When speaking of her work, Anne said:

‘’Together we have made it work and hopefully it will continue for many years to come.’’

We’re sure everyone will join us in sending Anne our congratulations, and thanking her for her great work to help us market and develop our breed to become what it is today.