Breeders of the future: Jake Sayer

Breeders of the future: Jake Sayer


Jake Sayer is 21 from Somerset, and is the next in our series of young, passionate farmers who we’re profiling through our ‘Breeders of the future’ news pieces. Having been involved in the world of farming for his whole life, Jake has given us some great insight into his personal background and experiences.

Could you tell us about your involvement in farming?

I’ve been involved in farming for all of my 21 years as we’re a farming family. Our farm is very small and both my dad and myself have different jobs. My dad works at the local market whilst I have a job on a large local dairy farm, but I also have my own small herd of pedigree Aberdeen-Angus, which came about after my dad sold our herd of Ayrshires.

What about your studies, could you tell us about those?

When I left school, I went to Bicton College in Devon and studied level 3 agriculture. I really enjoyed my studies and reckon they’ll stand me in good stead, not only in my current work but in the future too.

What is your experience of cattle breeding, and with Aberdeen-Angus in particular?

When it comes to cattle, breeding is really where my greatest interest lies. Selecting the breeding methods and using pedigrees, figures and phenotype when trying to get the right animal for you is something I’m really passionate about. I like to do my research and expand my knowledge into pedigrees of a range of different breeds and find out which bulls work well in different places! At home, I select all the sires for each mating with our dairy heifers. The breeding of the Angus is also entirely down to me, with my current stock bull being Warrenho Fabio who is a Netherton embryo from the Fleur family, by HF El Tigre.

How did your passion for Aberdeen-Angus come about?

My passion for the breed really started when the Aberdeen-Angus team of three won the Duke of Norfolk Cup at Royal Smithfield. It was the day after our dispersal of the Ayrshires and that was when I decided that I wanted cattle like those three, they had a real impact on me. Although I’m not quite there yet, I certainly have the right breed.

What are your plans for the future?

In the future, I definitely want to keep working with my Aberdeen-Angus and concentrate on the continuous progression of my herd. I’d also like to maybe make a return to milking Ayrshires and run the two alongside each other. My main aim for the Angus is easy calving, due to myself and dad not always being around. I’d also like to improve the overall breed character within my particular herd.

If you had to invite three people to a dinner party, who would they be?

If I could invite any three people on the world, it’d be Alan Sugar, Boris Johnson and Jurgen Klopp. Alan because he could give great advice on being successful in business, Boris would be either for entertainment or political conversation, and Jurgen because he is the manager of Liverpool and is very passionate about what he does, I think he’d make great conversation!

What would you do if you won £1 million?

If I won £1 million I think I’d definitely by land. I’d have to get myself a great heifer to show as well!

Could you tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

When I was at college myself and 3 friends were on BBC radio 1! We got our fifteen minutes of fame.