Aberdeen-Angus to the fore at Scotsheep event

Aberdeen-Angus to the fore at Scotsheep event


This year’s Scotsheep event being held at the MacFarlane family’s Quixwood Farm in the Scottish Borders will be a major showcase for the Aberdeen-Angus breed, with Aberdeen-Angus cattle featuring strongly in the herd’s 700-cow strong suckler herd.

Society chief executive Ron McHattie says the event will give producers the chance to Aberdeen-Angus cattle performing at high levels in a truly commercial setting.

“The MacFarlane family’s suckler herd is run on very tight lines and a visit to Scotsheep will give those considering using Aberdeen-Angus genetics in their herds the chance to see just how well they can perform when correctly managed in a large-scale commercial operation,” he explains.

Scotsheep takes place on Wednesday 4 June at Quixwood Farm, Grantshouse, Berwickshire, TD11 3RS.