Aberdeen-Angus success in Germany

Aberdeen-Angus success in Germany


Located right next to the world-famous Oktoberfest grounds, the 126th Bayerisches Zentral-Landwirtschaftsfest (Bavarian Central Agricultural Festival or ZLF)  took place at the end of last month.  

Donaumoos-Angus had prizes with all their entries:

DM Tyler Inter Breed Bavarian Champion

DM Tyler L 190 (V: HF Tiger 5T M: Young Dale Pollyana 22P) was interbreed Bavarian champion.

DM Delia Angus Champion

DM Delia K 494 (V: Donaumoos Rossiter G 182 M: Donaumoos Delia G 116) was Aberdeen-Angus champion. This cow is bred from an original import of heifers from Skaill and is sired by Rossiter G, himself an embryo from Wedderlie Kensue A239. 

The Bavarian Gold Breeder Medal was also awarded to Bernard Delle – this the first time it has ever been given for an animal other than a Simmental. 

Teamwork Jeamie Anna Michael Bernhard

The team collaboration Donaumoos-Angus with Jamie Rettie (Hillfoots) and Anna Davidson (Skaill) from Scotland and Michael and Bernhard Delle (Donaumoos) worked perfectly.