Aberdeen-Angus route to beef profitability on show at commercial open day

Aberdeen-Angus route to beef profitability on show at commercial open day


A reminder to all beef farmers looking for a route to profitability and sustainability that you are invited to attend a commercial beef open day organised by the Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society this Saturday (22nd August) at Geoff Roddam’s Blackcarts Farm, Hexham.

Running 200 breeding females, largely of a Luing x Simmental base, Geoff runs an Aberdeen-Angus bull retaining up to 40 replacements each year. Calving outside from the 1st April, progeny are sold as forward stores through Hexham Livestock Market or finished and sold direct off the farm with surplus heifers sold for breeding.

This low input, cost efficient unit relies on minimum labour and low feed inputs, with only pot ale syrup and minerals bought in. 

Visitors on the open day will learn how the Aberdeen-Angus is proving to be the ideal genetic source for this enterprise as Geoff is consistently producing exactly what both the store and finished market is requiring.

His attention to detail and costing analysis is exactly the right approach for any modern beef producer, comments Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society president David Evans. “These open days are all about show casing what the breed can do for a variety of producers in different regions, but equally it’s about helping provide ideas for existing producers to enhance their beef enterprises.”

Open day commences at 10.30am and will start from Walwick Grange, NE46 4BH. For more information please contact Neil Caul at the Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society on 01738 622477. 

Visitors will also have a chance to take part in stock judging and guess the weight competitions, with proceeds going to The Stay Strong Stu fund.