Aberdeen-Angus Portugal: Paulo’s Goodbye Message

Aberdeen-Angus Portugal: Paulo’s Goodbye Message


From all of us at the Society we would like to wish Paulo Costa the very best in his future as he gets ready to get leave his position at Aberdeen-Angus Portugal. We are so grateful for all Paulo has achieved for the Breed and he will always be part of the Aberdeen-Angus family!

Paulo had the following to say:

“Gratitude is one my favourite feelings. This is what I feel now looking back at my last 13 years.

“I still remember the first phone call to the office asking information about the breed with Bob Anderson, former Breed Secretary and his advice to establish a Herd Book. From that day, things would never be the same. I got more and more involved with the aim of having the Aberdeen-Angus breed in Portugal. I once had that aim when leaving the University but I could never imagine the developments that were to come. I also remember my first visit to the office and meeting the late Ron MacHattie. These were two people that have helped me to go forward. I am grateful!

“The support and care I got with staff at the Pedigree House is priceless. Barbara Webster gave me very important guidelines, assistance and valuable friendship and was paramount to pursue having BREEDPLAN working for the breed in Portugal. I am grateful!

“Through the A-ACS I’ve met extraordinary people and dedicated breeders that are passionate and dedicated to the Aberdeen-Angus breed, I have learnt a lot and also become a fan! I am grateful!  

“Thus, I was blessed to work with so many wonderful people and consider it a privilege to be part of the “Aberdeen-Angus” family.

“I am leaving my position, not the breed! As once Robert Groom, Tullyfergus Angus (US) stated: “Why do I love the breed? It’s under my skin; it’s the Angus breed that drives me”.

“Wishing everybody at the Society, the staff and particularly the members the very best and to continue supporting the A-ACS mission!”